I think everyone who is a member of AFI should be required to have a profile picture and images of their work on their "My Page" page.  It would help when they are asking for advice as to which show they should be doing on any given weekend.

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  • The next step is to take it to the next level, which is, empowering ourselves individually and as a group, to get out what we do and make sales by making people aware of this site and our work.

  • Why anyone would choose to be anonymous here, is well, silly. This is a great resource, moral booster, and a nice way to socialize with others of like mind, and similar interests. And the Pics help us put a face to those questions, and also help us answer the questions ,in the case of posting pics of our works. I tend to agree with you, Barry!

  • Thanks for posting this Barry.  We have a wide variety of profile pics and it is always fun looking at the assortment on AFI.  It is nice when people take a few minutes to personalize their pages.  It would be nice if everyone did it.  I think this will make a great Tip of the day topic.

    Jacki B

  • I think you took that wrong, Larry.  I thought of this many times after reading a post and wanting to find a face behind it, or their work.  The first thing I did, when I joined, was to upload a pic of myself and some pics of my work.  I saw it as a positive.  How hard is that?  It's like FaceBook.  I thought of it again, when people were complaining about "Munks" being allowed to use one name.  We have to use our real proper first and last names.  I can make up name but I can't fake a picture. On the other hand, people could be creative and use a picture of their dog.  At least it reveals some their personality.

    • You've got it right, Barry. When we started the site it was "anything goes". But then I discovered if there was going to be authentic discussion and sharing people needed to represent themselves and we had to know who we were talking to.

      I like Larry's dog, at least we have seen different pictures of Xena.

    • Hi Barry,

      My dog is my work:

      Larry Berman

      • Hi All,

        Would we not have to update the pictures of our work as we progressed?Where did you say you wanted that picture of our work, Barry?


  • How can we get them to do that, Barry? We always ask when they join. It maybe we should start making them pay if they don't upload this info. What do you think?

  • That's like saying everyone should search the topic they're interested in before asking a question. Besides, jurying for shows is hard enough, let alone having to be juried to ask questions on a forum.

    Larry Berman

  • Especially pictures of their work.  There are so many different levels of shows nowadays.  We know everyone has atleast 4 pictures of their work and even a booth photo!  ;-)

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