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Hi, does anyone know where to look online for professional looking booth displays. I have seen people use some nice fabric covered cubes. This would be displaying jewelry. I have been using 3 tables (nicely covered) with risers but I don't think it looks as professional as it could. Any suggestions???

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I got wooden boxes at hobby lobby and covered them with faux suede. Lots of sizes and they stack beautifully. I got enough suede to make liners for my cases and also to cover two table tops when I'm not using my cases. I used a hot glue gun to wrap the boxes. This way I got the color I wanted and the price was great because fabric and boxes were all half price. The fabric was from Hancocks.
Fabric covers for tables are out according to Bruce Baker. He recommends solid (like wood) walls for displays because it's more professional than wrinkled fabric. You can see some examples of jewelry booth slides on this page of my web site. The bottom jewelry booth example shows before and after with wrinkled table covers:

Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services
Visit the jewelers group on this site, Carol. I think they've covered this topic and/or they will have ideas for you.

I do know that displaying jewelry on several levels is much more attractive and having large blowups of your jewelry that are hung on your walls is helpful to bringing customers into your booth. When you are at a crowded street fair you want something much higher than table level to attract attention.
Are you asking for ideas for jewelry displays? I get that vibe, but not quite sure. IF this is the case here's a link to a listing of different jewelry display companies.,1050.0.html

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