This is my first year exhibiting as a painter. I've gotten in 3 shows, rejected on 3 more and waitlisted on 2 others. From your experience, what is the likelihood of getting a call? Any idea how many artists are on the waitlist? I'm guessing the Painting category is crowded.



Mike Pintar

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  • I would agree with Mark's comments.  In my 30 years of doing shows anytime I've been on a waiting list of a show I really want to do I've considered myself in and it's happened 99% of the time.  If the show is nearby or in the area that I am already planning to be in I will show up day of set up and see if there is a spot.  I always tell the coordinators that I plan to be there and that usually puts you to the top of the waiting list because they know they won't have to spend time calling or emailng around.  Some larger shows like Art on the Square in Madison, WI have very complicated yet fair ways of letting people in off the waiting list the day of set up or even the day of the show.  In my experience it is always a good idea to communicate with the show if you really want to be pulled off the waiting list and let them know close to the show that you are still interested.

    Good luck!

  • It can vary; I've gotten calls off the waitlist from top end shows (La Quinta, Coconut Grove, others), if you can make the shows, go, if you can't, or your plan changed, don't go. Depends, if you already have your show setup together, pricing, etc, stock packed and ready to go, and you have the time, go for it. On the other side of it, I've canceled shows, several times during Covid as I did not like what ws going on in the area (rationale, loding a booth fee was less expensive than funeral costs for my estate), other times when I sold out and did not have enough stock to put on a complete show, or it was too far (also La Quinta, Coconut Grove, others). Plan on the shows you have, you might or might not get into 1 of the other wait list shows. So congrats on being in 3 shows!

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