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I'm working on getting a booth ready for displaying photography. I'm curious if anyone has any good solutions for invisible hanging options.  My first thought was to buy the cable hangers form pro panels but I'd like something a little less noticeable. I'll be displaying framed photographic prints around the side of 24x36 (maybe a few larger ones too)

I'm also looking for good lighting recommendations as well. I have not had a chance to do much research in this area so any recommendations are greatly appreciated. 


- mike

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I make wooden wall hangings, and use Harmon Hooks to hang on Propanels.  They work Great, and are hidden behind the product.  They attach to the wall with Velcro, and are easy to apply and remove, and cause no damage to your walls.

I have dark grey Pro Panels and I buy black plant hooks at Ace Hardware. They have a multitude of sizes and they are very discrete and don't cost a fortune. For smaller pieces, I use Harmon Hooks and Pro Panel has velcro dots that cost 40 dollars for a big roll -but you will never run out and they are super strong. Many of my medium size pieces can hang without anything else. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I just ordered some.

For hanging I use the Harmon Hooks.

They have no problem hanging on to my 32x40" Canvases for a long weekend. 

I believe 1 Harmon Velcro hook is rated to 50lbs.

Thanks, I'm going to give these a try.


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