I am looking for a print bin, similar to the one Pro Panel sells, but I cannot find any for the life of me. Pro panel is perfect, just a little bit expensive for me right now as I just bought an entire tent and display set up (softwalls from Flourish).

Is there another place to buy freestanding print bins? 

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  • It depends on the size for your flip bin prints. You can use the wooden boxes from the hobby stores for 8x10, 11x14, and 12x16. This isn't the pro-panel equivalent, but it works well sitting on top of a 2'x4' table. I've also taken a couple of 18 gallon Rough Neck Totes, draped a piece of fabric over them to the ground, and set a wooden box/flip bin on top. That does take care of storage for the tubs and puts them to good use. The boxes fit perfectly on top.

    The 2'x4' table can take three boxes sitting on top. Another flip bin I've used in the past has been the metal wire rack rolling file hangers from Staples or similar vendors. Those will take up to 18x24 matted pieces fairly easily and are affordable. 

    Another possibility is to buy a single 38" Propanel, and a couple of the clip on flip bins that attach to a panel. You could place the panels on the center line in your tent and bungee the top posts to your ceiling struts (if you have a pop-up tent with scissor joints), and then mount the hang-on flip bins to the front and back of the Propanel. 

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