My question is primarily concerning the booth photo, knowing that whatever works for the booth photo will may be fine for the actual art fair. The medium is photography.

I recently purchased a 10x10, 7-foot TrimLine canopy and Pro Panels from an artist. I am preparing to set up for my booth shot for my first ever art fair applications. The fairs I'm applying for are not prestigious - they're reasonably well run smallish events.

The Pro Panels are all 6-foot, 30" Original Pro Panels. Three are light grey, four are oatmeal.

I would prefer all panels to be light grey, but the budget says to consider alternatives.

I'm assuming it would be preferable to have all three canopy walls fully covered with Pro Panels. For the actual fair, I am considering using a French wall for rear access.

Two part question:

1. Do I purchase enough light grey Pro Panels to fill out the rest of the wall space or is there an alternative that is acceptable for the booth photo?

2. Should I use the four oatmeal panels along the left side wall so they won't show as much (due to the sharp angle when using Larry Berman's right-hand bookend approach)?

Thank you!


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  • I'd recommend 7 foot pro panels for a trimline. I think Flourish sells extensions for the legs. They definitely need to be the same color so as not to create a distraction. You might want to sell your set of Pro panels and pick up a set of nine 38 inch panels, all the same color.

    Larry Berman

  • I would undoubtedly strive for identical colored panels.

    I don’t know how close you are to Dallas (where Pro Panels is headquartered),but they’ll replace the carpeting on your existing panels for about $30 each..solving the cost dilemma, assuming you’re close enough that you’d not have to ship both directions.

    Good luck!

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