I’ve been doing art fairs for 13 years in the Connecticut area and had a good group of shows there. But we moved back to Michigan last summer and I am having to start all over. I would like to get into the KIA show in Kalamazoo, KRASL in St Jo and other fine art/fine craft show in lower Michigan. As all f us have done, each year I improved my art, my displays and my booth. I got turned down for the Kalamazoo Garage Sale so I am worried about how applications are going to go for this year’s art shows. Any advise on my jury photos would be appreciated.




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  • Your work looks good. The photos of the jewelry pieces should be done on a piece of clear glass, with a colored background behind the glass, with a fade set up through lighting. See work by Jeff Scovil (his jewelry work). You may want to change your 'neck displays' to those made of black velvet, so they are not so visually distracting; or, go with a glass display case, with LED lighting, as many jewelers use.

    As for the shows, keep applying!

    • I think that you booth looks appealing for your customers, for the style of jewelry that you have.

      It is very cozy and soft looking and it would be pleasant for a woman to shop in there.

      It may not be what jurors look for, though, but I don't know.

      I suggest following anyone's advice to give it more cohesion and a higher end look, but keep your unique style. Best wishes. 

  • I'm a 2D artist but I think that the booth shot looks a bit too busy.  The background draperies are different colors and the blue banners that are draped in the front seem to be very distracting.  Might be better if you tried to use only one color and simplify.  IMO the work should not have to compete with the environment.  Good luck!

    Dennis Angel


  • Your booth isn't bad. Getting rejected from a garage sale show probably means they had too many jewelers apply. But your two individual jewelry images need work. The better the show the less you should use props to support the jewelry as it distracts from viewing the jewelry. Using props also means the jewelry will appear smaller in the frame and not as important as it should be.

    You can also contact Bonnie Blandford and ask why you didn't get in. She is also a jeweler.

    Larry Berman

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