It's a challange to have a good looking stained glass booth. I'm planning on only using one banner and possibly moving my table around back...just don't know. What do you think would make it better???



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  • Hi Tammy.  I like the color and use of shutters-they frame your work nicely. I would remove both banners from the front, and hand one in the back corner open space. The rug and table cloth colors are distracting to me-they seem a bit heavy. You might consider keeping those colors neutral as well, and let your work and the flowers be your "pops" of color. If you can move the table against the wall, that would be nice. For your official booth shot, just remove the table completely.  Good luck!

    • Thank you so much! I will be setting up again next weekend and will do another photo to let you see the changes!

  • Welcome to AFI Tammy!

    I'd tend to agree on the booth shot. You'll want to remove the banners but i do like your set up. It may take a bit of work but my booth shot was taken in my driveway where I could control everything. Lighting (cloudy day) and mix up my art until I got the best look. 

    Perhaps another item is to remove your table in the shot to focus solely on your work. Here's a link to Larry Berman's site to gain more knowledge about your booth shot. There's a wealth of information here ->Berman Graphics

    Best of luck! 

  • If this is a photo to submit for a jury, remove the name/sign.  Some shows will disqualify you or take points off your score for that reason alone.

    • Thanks! I've never had to submit a booth photo , so thats good to know. I've only ever been jurried on my work.

  •  wait till no one is in the photo before you take pictures...unless they are holding a wad of cash or a credit card in their hand...

    •  Both hands!

    • I really do appreciate your feedback guys! My hope is to at least place in the awards for the show ... really need the $$$ and if I can get the booth fee back by just doing something (or not doing something) to my booth I want to know .

    • LOL  yeah, we all like those customers waving around cash and credit cards.

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