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Hey everyone!  I'm new to both AFI and the art fair scene! I have been doign all different kinds of mixed media art for years now, but there was one media that stuck with me: gladd mosaics.  I love putting all the broken pieces of glass together to make something new and it's so relaxing.  I had been doing it just for myself, but I started to build up too many pieces to keep and a lot of people mentioned that I shoudl try to sell it, so that's the plan!  I live and work as a secretary in a hospital in Chapel Hill, NC and I wourk 3 12 hour night shifts a week...the rest of the time I have started to spend on art and I have fallen in love with it as more than just a pasttime or hobby, but as a career (I hope!).  Any advice would be greatly appreciated: I did one small show in November and had a lot of interest, but really low sales. It was my first show so I wasn't expecting too much and I got some good advice from the other vendors, but there is never enough advice! I would also love any input on shows in my area that I should try to apply to because I am just starting and not 100% sure how to find out about good ones around me.  Can't wait to hear from everyone and excited to be on AFI!!


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  • Hey Paige,

    As far as local shows, there are several; Apple Chill & Fall Fest (Chapel Hill), Spring Daze & Lazy Daze (Cary), if you have low price points-there is the Farmers Markets in Carrboro, Durham, & Raleigh. There's Artsplosure in Raleigh. If you want to check out Hillsborough Days (I hear that that is a lower end market). There are also First Friday shows in each of the Triangle Cities. Hope this is a start for you-good luck!!

    • Ann Marie, 

         I just wanted to say BIG thank you for your info on local shows.  I actually just finished applying for Spring Daze and Artsplosure and I'm so excited to maybe get to do some shows so close to home!

  • HI Paige and welcome to AFI!  I love mosaic - been thinking of dabbling a bit with it myself but haven't got that far yet (may take me years on past experience!).   AFI has masses of information - use the "search" function to find out specific things and otherwise just browse around!  

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