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Hello!  We have friends who tell us we need to do some New Jersey Art Fairs (+ we want to visit each other!).  He mentioned Smithville, NJ., but I was wondering if anyone knows any JURIED Art or Art/Craft Fairs anywhere in New Jersey worth traveling from Chicago. We do wire-sculpture (NOT wire-wrap) Jewelry-one-of-a-kind). We do well in OH, & PA, but know nothing about NJ. We try & stay AWAY from the FESTIVALS with too much entertainment ECT! You know what I mean! 


Kathleen & Steven

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Before I retired from shows, I had done the WheatonArts Festival of Fine Craft in Millville for about 6 years,. They keep the quality up and treat the Artists very well. It was always one of my best selling shows (Photography). Here is a link to the show app, which I see still has a couple weeks left till deadline. I won't disparage any other show, but Wheaton is much higher quality, Keeping in mind a small south jersey community. Here's a link There is much more about the venue and their activities on their home page. ;

Take a look at this one:

I have never done it, but when I moved to PA and looked into shows, I put this one away for later. 

My schedule conflicts with it's date. 

There is also a Peter's Valley something, too.

Hi Judy~This looks like a very high quality show alright! This may conflict, but I am making notes of this as well if not for this year-for next! Thank you so much-much appreciated & hope to see you too down the road! Kathleen & Steven

Yeah, Peter's Valley might be what you're looking for, as well as the RoseSquared shows, depending on your price point.  I am a 2D mixed media ($60-$2000) and for me the RoseSquared (Brookdale, Anderson Park and Verona) were nice but few 2D buyers.  Same with Haddonfield.  They might work for you.

Thank you Carol for the info.For some reason, July has been a problem this year-not sure WHY!  We applied at Haddonfield in July~(fingers crossed!) I'm now looking for something before or after (if I didn't miss all the deadlines!!) to make our trip hopefully worthwhile from Chicago! If not, we'll enjoy seeing friends & the landscapes . One has to see the beauty around or ONE WOULD GO NUTS-LOL!! Hope to meet you down the road!

Hi David~Thank you so much for the information. We don't have a lot of dates avai.,but I will most definitely look this up!  If we can't this year, I will hang onto this information. That was so kind of you to help-hope we see you down the road!

Kathleen & Steven

I'd bet, Kathleen, that you know about the Sugarloaf shows. Some of them are in New Jersey. Also, a small promoter who I believe does some nice quality events in nice location is Rose Squared. They've been around for a long time and are very hands on. Check with them. I think may be up your alley.

Ditto on Wheaton and Morristown as mentioned above. 

Hi Connie~First of all, thank you so much for all you do for the Artists! You are a Godsend for all, but especially to the"newbies" of which I have sent many to your site!  Yes, I like Sugarloaf, (we have done their shows years ago) but this year their dates are conflicting. Steven & I want to move East or SE next year (hopefully). Our shows are SO GOOD there! These are very nice Art Fairs-yes-you are so right-just up our alley. 2 are conflicting, but I will check out the others, & hang onto the information for the future!  So nice of you to help, but not surprising~LOL  P.S. You are selling your house?! Where will U be moving to or don't you know yet? Thanks again Connie-we'll keep in touch friend. Kathleen & Steven

Thanks so much, Kathleen, for the kind words. Art fairs are my real community and I miss the wonderful people and adventure.

I have moved from our wonderful home in Coldwater to Fort Wayne where I have family and old friends. After Norm died it seemed everyone else did also! None of us getting younger. If you know anyone who wants a home in a sweet centrally-located town that is well adapted to our lifestyle I'd appreciate your spreading the word. 

East is pretty expensive ... but with all your years being self-employed, I'm sure you and Steven know what you are doing.

I have friends in Burlington & in Union City where we lived a short time & I will tell them about your home. It's beautiful & nice yard & very spacious Connie.  No none of us are getting younger. I like to say "older-NOT old"-LOL!  Chicago is mighty expensive too, but we are researching different places for sure. That's good you have Family& good friends in Fort Wayne...I'm sure it is hard without Norm. I can't even begin to imagine what I would do....can't think about that! I hope I go 1st!! We love ya Connie!  I will go back to the site where you said you are selling your home & give the info. to my Michigan friends. Kathleen & Steven

Also, Cissy Gianella who owns/runs J.C. Promotions in New Jersey (several shows) might have one that fits your needs. Visit for the links.

Thanks again Connie-will do!


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