Hey all,

We live just south of Nashville, in Franklin, TN.

My wife, Deborah is a fine artist (acrylic with palette knife) of 25+ years and she runs Abide Studio and manages the Artist's Row in historic "The Factory at Franklin".  This is a community of working artist studios that have exposure to retail traffic. We opened in 2004 and are still running strong.

Deborah has been a member and patron of AFI  and I (Rick) have just joined. Her web site is www.deborahgall.com and the site includes our art show calendar.

I served corporate America for over 25 years (GTE & Verizon Wireless: sales,marketing, general management) and have gladly passed that baton.  These days, among other things,  I help run our art business, counsel artists in business planning, and enjoy writing about art, art doers & lovers, and creativity in general.

2 years ago we hit the road for art shows and festivals, and while we have made our share of rookie mistakes, we are learning fast and enjoying growing success.  And I do mean enjoy...it's a crazy life style and it breeds a sense of adventure & community and feeds my strange sense of humor.  It directly led me to begin a blog entitled 'Left Brain on a Gypsy Train', a blended outlet for my own creative energy as well as some practical artbiz bitz now and then.  I plan to post some of those articles to AFI when appropriate, so I hope they prove useful.

We look forward to being part of the AFI tribe...to the giving and receiving...'cause life works pretty good that way.


Rick Gall

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  • Hi Rick and welcome aboard :)
  • Hello Rick and welcome to our group.  I think you will find everyone here very helpful and friendly.  I was in Franklin about 2 years ago.  I didn't know there was an artist's area there.  I did check out the Civil War battle field but I certainly would have checked out the artist's area if I knew about it. 

    We are glad you are here.  I look forward to reading a few of your blogs when you get around to posting them.  The blogs are very popular here.

    Jacki B

    • Thx for the welcome.  We are in The Factory at Franklin, about 2 minutes from downtown, a very cool environment for artists.


      I have only posted a couple blogs to AFI since I am new...what a neat community!  I have been posting to my wordpress blog for several months at http://theartbiz.wordpress.com

      Take care, Rick

      • Hi there and welcome to the community. I have a studio in Watertown and used to be in Cummins Station in Nashville when it first started. I haven't been out to the Factory in a while, seems like I need to visit again. I have been doing this 18 years now and still love it.


        I will be exhibiting at the Fall TACA Fair in Nashville this weekend, are you going to be there too?




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