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I want to purchase a new booth this spring and had been leaning towards the ES100S from EZ-UP because I liked that the bag had wheels and also the easy toggles on the legs vs the push pins. After reading some of the reviews on Amazon, I'm hesitant. Apparently the zippered bag is breaking down. I need a booth that one person can set up and I'm not crazy about the tube system because of the time they take to set-up. Would love to hear from other "short ladies" on what they are using. I am a painter and I use gridwalls for hanging.

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I have attached a photo of the label for our booth & I believe this is the link to what we ordered.

Link for canopy

We got it last fall.  We have used it a couple of times.  The reason we have not used it more is because most of our shows now are indoors or at least under cover.  I have dh to help with set up so I am not doing it alone. However this one seems to have an easier set up than our previous tent, which was damaged due to weather.  When we used this tent last fall it was on a rainy day, when tropical storm Nate was affecting Louisiana.  We did not have any water related problems with this canopy.


I have an UnderCover canopy too.  I am able to set it up by myself. It has aluminum legs which makes it sturdier than the EZ-Up.  We have been using the roller bag for awhile.  It has small wheels and is not very easy to roll across grass, etc. The bag has worn around the bottom from scuffing on the ground when we roll it. It would be difficult for 1 person to get it into the bag at take-down. I don't like the walls that come with the canopy.  I have not been at all impressed with customer service when there was a problem.  There is a similar type tent with aluminum legs, I think that they are sort of hexagonal shaped.  I will probably look into that tent when it's time to replace. Hope this is at least a little be helpful!  :)

Thank you, I posted this on 3/8, but apparently no one saw it then.  In the meantime I purchased a ProExpo canopy.  Still can't put it up myself, but this baby is really made well and waterproof.  Hope I made the right choice!  Stuck with it now!

I'd like to know how you like it.  Is it a tube type tent?  Kathy

No, it's another easy up style. The tube ones seem to take quite a while to set up and you still need assistance to get the roof up, so I opted for another easy up like system.  I still can't put this one up myself and it's heavier than my old one, but super quality and comes with a nice roller bag.  Just finally decided that I will always need someone to assist me.  I can't get any of them up myself.  I'm only 5'2" and do not have that upper body strength.

Even when you "can" put it up by yourself it takes a lot out of you, and it's just  much friendlier with two!                

I have this tent; the bag is holding up well after 6 years. When it came, the bag was so tight I didn't think the tent would ever go back in, but it does (and more easily if you pack only what you need, not every last accessory). I have had more trouble with bent struts after I ran over a leg with a trailer. Once struts get bent, even new replacements dont guarantee that everything is still in alignment. Still, that was 2 years ago and it's still workable. It has survived a number of storms and not leaked or blown over.

One person can put it up, but slowly.

Clayton, which one do you have? Terri

The EZ Up ES 100

I researched the ES100 and was not impressed with reviews.  Customers complaining about it not holding up.

I recently bought one of the UnderCover set ups after deciding that my old Craft Hut - which takes me about an hour and a half to set up even with help was just too much - especially when I saw others setting up the booth in about 20 minutes!  Have only used it a couple of times, but these are the problems as I see it:  No way could I get the canopy base with the top left on back into the wheeled bag.  Called the company to see if there's some trick to it and they finally said the bag is not designed to take the base plus top - only the base.  Well, one of the reasons I bought it was to leave the top on!  Second problem: If you are a 2 d artist, I'm a watercolorist, and you want to display on the outside walls, you are going to want awnings for shade protection.  Now, since the Under Cover system's side curtains are stitched closed at the corners and open in the center, this creates a problem for any kind of awning support - you see?  I had a local upholsterer put zippers on each corner but this has made closing the center zippers REALLY difficult.  I think I'm going to have to have an extra piece added to relieve some of the tension.  Or maybe buy side curtains from another brand, but I really like the way the Under Cover side curtains slide on the wire with snap hooks.  As you can see, I still haven't figured out what to do.

As to setting it up by myself (I'm a small woman - though strong after over 35 yrs  of doing shows ),  it's not as easy as it first appears.  Lifting each corner to snap it in place - not easy either. But a plus is it comes down really easy at teardown! At least with the Craft Hut  the pieces were easy to put together, the hard part being the canopy top - HEAVY ! - and lifting it at each leg to raise it to the correct height.  

So far I have not solved these new problems, plus that thing is HEAVY to get in and out of the van and the wheeled bag does not roll all that easily over bumpy grass.

Don't know how helpful I've been, but pointed out some of the problems I've experienced.  Best to think through what your own requirements are and go from there.


I would encourage you to go with Trim Line.  In the long run, it will pay off.  Yes, it is heavier but it's designed to stay up in a storm when EZ ups will be flying all around you.  The new Trim Lines have legs that extend similar to the EZ Up.  Also, if you call EZ Up and explain to them your situation they will be able to help you solve any issues.  I am 4'10" tall and I have set up my Trim Line by myself  many times.  Not anymore, now I am 73 and no longer have the strength but I still can get the tent all together and just need help raising it.  Also, when I first got the tent we color coded (with tape) all the pipes so we knew exactly what pipes went with what.  I can get the whole frame set up by myself in the time that it takes my husband to go park the car.  With EZ up or something similar, you will be looking at replacing within a few years if not one year.  That's not the case with Trim Line.  If you divide the pipes in enough carry bags you should be able to handle by yourself.  We have our pipes in three bags and I can carry them without a problem.  Good luck!


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