Does anyone have any tips for protecting framed prints in print bins from damage?  I've had luck selling work already framed (smaller work) and placing them in a print bin for sale but noticed last show that many of the frames and plexi got scratched or damaged by the end of the weekend.  Am wondering how else to present these.  I've noticed that they seem to sell better when in the print bins then if I just display them.

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  • I had bought the folding cardboard corners from Graphik Dimensions years ago and used those to protect frames in transit. I use a different method now, but the corners would have an application to what you're doing. This may seem a bit of a pain, but you're trying to protect both the frame and the plexiglass, so here's an idea for you. Use a sheet of foam-cor or cor-plast as a backer with the piece about an inch beyond the edge of the frame on all four sides. Assemble the cardboard corners and spray the back of the corners with Scotch 77 adhesive, shielding the rest of the corners from the spray, slide the corners on the frames, and press the frame with corners onto the backer keeping it centered. The spray will hold immediately, the frame is anchored in place, the wire is trapped between the frame and the backer, and the frame edges are kept away from each other. You could try glue sticks on the corners but that stuff takes longer to set up and isn't going to be as tenacious.

    • Robert,

      Thanks so much for your reply to my inquiry!  I like this great idea and will
      l see if I can pull it or some version of this off!
      Thanks again!

      • Another suggestion for attaching the corners is to use some double face tape. The 3M foam tape has a high tack strength and would be easier to apply.

        • Thanks again for your great ideas!  Double sided tape might be easier.

  • I like Leo's ideas. I like the idea of affixing a sheet of Fome cor to the piece with a piece of shrink wrap around the top and bottom. Not sure where you can buy this. I know we had a roll of it that we got from a carpet store. Additionally, you might want to have a piece of Fome cor dividing each framed piece and continually monitor the condition, keeping it clean. This is a lot of wear and tear on small frames. 

    • Thanks so much for your response and ideas.  I'm going to see if I can find some shrink wrap as you suggest to see if this might do the job.  I appreciate the ideas!  Marie

      • Shrink wrap on 6" rolls is available at U-Haul stores, Home Depot and Lowe's, Staples and through ULine and United Manufacturers. 1000' to a stick. Invaluable stuff.

        • That's what I was talking about, Jim. Thanks for the input. We always carried a roll of this in our toolbox. As important as velcro and duct tape.

  • I don't know how a frame could take the constant pounding that a print bin would cause. Even matted prints in clear bags get scuffed up after a few shows and the bags have to be replaced.

    I supposed you could try wrapping the frame edges with shrink wrap but you would still have the screw and wire on the back side pound the front of the frame behind it..maybe a piece of bubble wrap or cardboard between each frame. If you use cardboard make sure you wrap the frame edges.

    Or maybe you'll find a solution among these options:

    Given the cost of frames, I would be hesitant to risk it. Cheers!
    • Leo,

      Have tried using foamcore between each frame but the idea of using shrink wrap on the frame or even for securing it to the frame has never occurred to me.  Thanks for the suggestions!


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