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I have a 10 X 10 Caravan tent. I am being told by some shows that I need to consider panel walls for my artwork. So I am looking for some free standing ones that are relatively strong but lightweight, (both my wife and I are seniors..) We live in Miami Fla. Does anyone have any used panel setups that I can purchase at a reasonable price? Thanks...

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Hi, I have a set of panels - dark gray - and a trim line dome I’m in Miami let me know if you are interested

Hello Ms. Pinova.

I have a 10 X 10 Caravan tent. But would be interested in the panels if you want to sell them. Can you please give me some more info, including app. weight and size of the panels, and what all is included? Please send to


Do you still have the panels available? If so, how big are they, and what is the brand, weight and price?

I have 4 white side panels for a 10X10 canopy. The brand is Elaine Martin which used to sell display equipment. They have UV inhibitors, are waterproof and are fairly lightweight. I paid $320 for them about 10 years ago and only used them three times (they've been in a closet...) They have a big tooth zipper and all zip together. I'm asking $125 for them and $20 in shipping or you can pick them up in Minneapolis. They are in a nice carrying bag and weigh 10 pounds all together.

Here is a photo of them looking down into the bag so you can see the material and zipper size.  I didn't have a place to unfold them to get a photo.  They've only been used three times and stored in a temp controlled place (not a damp basement or garage) so they are in excellent condition.  

Thanks. But the shows I'm in need of a more solid panel backing, The walls of my tent can hold art now, but the shows wants a more "esthetic" look...

Yes, I got that message from you - I was responding with the picture to the request for a picture from Brandon White above.  Maybe so this thread doesn't get more confusing anyone interested in the white side panels can email me directly at

K Sorry...

Have you considered he Flourish Mesh walls? They come in Black or White. I love them. They are extremely light weight. Collapse / fold up to about 60" x 8" 8" approx. total size. They hold plenty of weight.

The black have a double wll to them so you have no problem with a lot  of light coming through. They look professional and I have not found anyu show to dislike the setup.

I'm not selling mine but thought you might want to know about the option.

Hello Larry;

Thanks for the info. I'm not sure if you can answer these questions or not but I will ask them. (Would ask manufacturer but always prefer to ask a customer/user who should be less bias..)

-Do you recommend the 3 folding panels or the lone standing one? (Which are stronger?)

-If the lone standing panel, with or without wheels?

-How much 3 folding panels would I need for a 10 X 10 tent?

-And you prefer the black ones correct?

Thanks Larry...

Asking the people at Flourish is a good idea. I have found them to be honest, sincere and very customer oriented.

I am not aware of a "lone standing panel"? They do not have wheels.

For a a 10x10 booth, if you want three hanging walls, then you need three folding panels. Each panel covers a 10' wide wall. They come in various heights, depending on your needs.

They can be ordered precut to allow them to convert to a doorway or french wall, as an option. That way they can work as acomplete wall or the other modes. 

Wheels are not needed as they are very light.

Yes, I love the look in black. I get a lot of complemenmts on my booth from other artists.

The panels do not stand on their own. They are attached to the canopy top rails, corner legs and lower stabars.

When you speak to them, tell them I recomended you. I wont get anything from it, but it might be nice :-)

Make sure to tell them your canopy brand, the height, if you wnat the door option, if you have lower stabars (one for each wall), 


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