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Hi, she said shyly. I'm going to my first show on Saturday and have some display questions.

I'll be selling 4x6 matted watercolor prints, and handmade cabochon necklaces. (Plus some larger unmatted prints and greeting cards.) 

In general, from a potential buyer's perspective, is it better to display necklaces by hanging them, or laying them on nice fabric? Which is easier to pack and unpack?

Same question for the 4x6 prints; I plan to place them on shelves attached to grids, but would it be better to hang them? They can be purchased with or without mini easels.

Thanks guys.

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Well, never mind. I laid everything out and decided to display them on fabric. 

Are you allowed to sell jewelry if you juried in with watercolors?

Larry Berman

I juried in with both. This is more of a farmer's market. 

Good luck with your first show.

Larry Berman


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