Hello all, I would appreciate your input on my second posting of my booth. I do have much more inventory than what is posted but after setting up tent and cleaning it I was running low on time and it was going to rain out. Putting up and tearing down everything in one day is quite the workout for folks in their late sixties and that's why we decided to purchase a Eurmax popup for one day smaller shows.lol Please let me know if this is any better than my last posting of my booth...booth to crowded? Any way to improve?   Thanks.   Ted

LR Tent-2-8102670.jpg


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  • Hi Elaine,  I also have an EZ Up style tent, though not a Euromax.  I'm betting that what Ted has used to mount his artwork are the white mesh walls by Flourish.  I have them for my tent, and they are very well designed.  Flourish is a great company to work with, and they make the mesh walls in white or black.  The mesh is strong and can handle a lot of weight.  They use stabilizer bars to mount the walls to your tent, which keeps the mesh walls taut.  It also helps with the stability of your whole tent; useful for the EZ up style tents when you have bad weather.  I am in my mid 50's, and do my show set-up alone; I have found the combination of the EZ up tent and Flourish mesh walls to be relatively simple for me to handle.

    • This is good information. I also in mid-50's and will be putting up everything from time to time on my own. I am looking for something easy to use and sturdy for Metal Prints. Thanks for the info Sonja-Huge help

    • Thanks Sonja, I appreciate the info. They significantly add to the cost. I have a lot to consider!

      • I mentioned used panels in my reply to your post, and you are correct on the cost issue. I cannot get over what I have invested in this. You did not mention what you sell, if it is art work of some kind don't forget that it not waterproof and would not trust the pop up tent while you are not there.

  • Hi Ted, I am new to shows and have yet to purchase a tent. Being of the same age as you, I can appreciate finding something simple to setup. Did you get the basic Eurmax 10x10 Display Canopy package? It looks like you used the tent wall to directly hang your art (which is very nice). How did you hang it? Command strips? Are the walls strong enough? 

    Regarding your install, I agree with the suggestion about your black container. I like black because it tends to disappear, but I would consider getting some burlap fabric and stitch a slip cover to fit over the top. This would be in keeping with the natural look. Wishing you all the best.

    • Hi Elaine, after viewing and reading so many reviews it is the basic Eurmax canopy that I am ordering today. Sonja is correct on me using flourish mesh panels I use small curtain or small s hooks to hang my work. Sometimes you can find used panels on line or even on this site. I bought mine used in great shape for a couple hundred dollars. Even though the Eurmax claims to be 100% water proof I would bet it is not and would not trust it overnight or when I am not there because my photos are not waterproof. Like Elaine said flourish is a great company and when I called them yesterday they even gave me instructions on how to hang my panels on a different companies tent. Good luck on your adventures.

  • Remove the tables and all but one unframed bin. Hang the work symmetrically and the top row should all be the same top height. Keep smaller pieces to the side walls.

    Larry Berman

    • Thanks for your help Larry, how about one small table for my stone coasters and cards that I also make with my photos?

      • That's the problem with getting into good shows. You can't sell peripheral items like coasters and cards, they're considered reproductions and not allowed in the photography medium. And having them in a booth picture means you can't use that booth picture for the better shows. Some photographers will argue that greeting cards are original photographs because they are printed by the photographer. But you're just giving painters ammunition to get the rules tightened on photographers.

        Larry Berman

        • Wow, did not know that! I will definitely be doing another booth photo down the road. Thank you very much for your expertise.

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