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No questions have been missed. All images have been selected. I can't preview my images and can't check out. I emailed ZAPP but it will likely be several days before I hear back: especially with it being a holiday weekend.

This is my first time using ZAPP since the site was redone. What special magic tricks do I need to use to get this to work???

So frustrating! I was trying to meet an early bird deadline for a reduced fee.

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Is the booth picture selected if it's required?

I'd be happy to take a look if you call me later this morning with your username and password. I've uploaded images for a number of artists since the update and have yet to hear about an issue like you're having. If you want to wait until tomorrow, the phone number for zapp is 888-562-7232.

Larry Berman

After a couple of hours, logging out, logging in, repeating parts of the application which would not save, I finally got it to go through. I am on a desktop PC. ( I will never use a mobile site. I do nothing financial on a phone)


To get the application to go through, I had to NOT use the "save" button after logging back in. 


The old site used to time out if I delayed getting some information needed to complete an application. I have all usual data at hand to copy and paste, but at times I would find a field that needed time to compose.


On the old site I would hit a "Save" button - sometimes several times during the course of filling an application out  -  before choosing the images to make sure I did not lose my field entries when the site timed out. But hitting the "Save" button on the new site - below the field entries - seems to have made me unable to commit the images. I would select them, see numbers on the image indicating they were selected, then not be able to go beyond "Save and Preview". Because, apparently, despite the numbers appearing, the program was NOT selecting them. 


To get the application to go through, I had to NOT use the intermediate "save" button after logging back in. Only the “Save and Preview” after all fields filled out and images selected.


If the site no longer times out, then I won't have to use "save" several times during an application. Though for what it's worth, "save" did NOT save some of my data. 3 or 4 times I had to go back to the same 3 fields and fill them in again. If "save" does not save, then there is a problem, though a different one. 

Hi Linnea,

Thank you for also emailing us! We responded via email but we are unable to recreate what you are experiencing. We are not having any issues with either of the Save buttons, but being unable to progress to the Application Preview page likely happened because you did not select the correct number of images initially or because a required question was unanswered. The "Save and Preview" button will not take you to the Application Preview page if there are any required fields that have not been answered or if the image count does not match what the event has set. 

If you do experience this issue in the future, please email us at with screenshots so we can look at the exact application. You can also call the number Larry provided. 


The ZAPP team 

Still happening. Seems crazy to have to NOT use a save button, but there it is. 

And yes, ZAPP team, I filled out everything, selected the requisite # of images, etc. I have been using ZAPP since it first went live. It's pretty hard to overlook anything in the first place: since you get red letters telling you if you forgot to fill in a field. 

And again, "Saving" does not save anything but the images. I have to reenter any fields that contain text. 

I am going to let the filled out application sit for a few days and see if content disappears when the site times out, since I did NOT save it the last time I reopened it. 

I prefer not to disable the ad blocker. It was hard to get that to work in the first place. I don't recall the name, but it is not Ghostery. I did not have problems before the ZAPP was redesigned. 

If you have an ad tracker blocker installed on your browser, like Ghostery, it may keep ZAPP from advancing. It's the way the code is written. Simply temporarily disable the ad blocker.

I sent two apps off in the past few days and was going to tell you that I have Norton Security- but I checked and my security is currently inactive on this computer, so I'm wondering if that's why I had no trouble?

I have Norton. But I never used to have a problem until ZAPP redesigned the site, so why should Norton make a difference? 

If a site requires you to disable your security or ad blocking, this is not good! 

Just did another app on Zapp with the Norton on. No problems. Used the save button.


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