I am a photographer. When the application asks me if my work is handmade, or the information says “do not apply if you do not make your own work”, how do I respond to that? I take all the pictures myself but I send them somewhere to make metal prints. Is that still considered handmade?

Similarly, I noticed a lot of shows say ‘no reproductions’. Does that mean I can’t have multiple prints of the same picture? I also have calendars and coasters that I sell, all with my own pictures but I get them from places like mpix. I see a lot of other artists at shows selling notepads or headbands, or even TShirts that all look the same. So I’m just confused on what is and is not allowed.

If I am applying to a juried show, should I not include those items in my booth shot? (I have my first small show in two weeks so I’m still trying to learn the ropes here)

My booth consists of metal prints, matted prints, and products that have my pictures on them (cell phone cases, mousepads, notepads, calendars, notecards) Could someone please give me some guidance on these rules and tell me which of my items would probably not be allowed? Thanks so much!

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  • Yes you make it yourself, You provide the digital file that the lab matches. Just say you make it yourself. Photography is a medium of multiple originals. There are no reproductions in photography unless the images are offset printed, like postcards, calendars or puzzles or similar. None of the "products" you've mentioned. They are not allowed at the better shows and if in your booth picture will get you rejected.

    Larry Berman

    • Thank you for the clarification!

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