It's already 110 here in Gilbert, AZ so, I had to set this up very early to not get too much light. Not sure which pic I like best and open to any feedback. In the first pic on the right back wall where you see white space, that is a desk but not sure if you can tell in the pic. Would jurors assume this or is it best to have the full wall instead?




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  • 110??? yikes, ok, it's AZ a place I won't be in June:)

    Jim and Larry gave you good advice, anyway you can set up inside or somwhere without the white glare from your tent?  I know, asking the impossible.  The white ceiling was appears to be very, very light and distracts from your art.

    One good thing about Seattle is we have plenty of overcast days to set up without glare, of course, we are traveling so much that we've yet to get a good booth shot for the past 18 months so my critique is not fair and I'm biting my tongue as we've had way more sunshine here than usual and now I'm wondering if I'll get a good opportunity to take a booth shot at our show over Father's Day weekend when we can usually count on rain. Right now our forecast is showing more sun than normal, great for sales, not so great for the booth shot.

    • Thanks Ruth! Yeah getting away from the sun here is nearly impossible. This was taken at 5:30am, lol. Will try another booth shot in the Winter.

      • I shoot mine at night and light it from black. Works much better, as you have complete control over the light sources, the direction and the intensity.

        • wow, I never thought of shooting at night. I might have to try that. Thanks Jim

  • Thanks guys!

  • Like Jim said. Full wall with paintings hanging on it. And the size of the small one looks too small in relation to the other paintings.

    Larry Berman

  • If you are going to use the full wall, you should hang something on it. That would be preferable to the white space. The desk doesn't read well.

    And you should probably crop out some of the white tent roof in the final jury slide. Just leave a tad of the roof to identify it.

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