I've upgraded my setup recently to include pro panels, booth shot, etc and want to re-do my booth shot.  My medium is photography.

When I ordered the pro panels I bought the nice pro panel lighting setup.  It looks really nice and professional, and creates nice even light on the photos.  Should I include it in my booth shot?  It looks better to my eyes with the lights on, but I don't know if that's something that's frowned upon or seen as distracting by jurors.

Also, is it customary to only show a single 10x10 booth in the booth shot, and not a 10x20?  Or maybe keep a booth shot of both and submit the one that I plan on using at that particular show, or should I even be submitting a 10x10 shot if I'm planning on registering for a 10x20 booth if it's offered?

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  • Not frowned upon or anything like that. If you take the picture during the day you don't need lights because everything can be adjusted afterwards. If you do want to use the lights, take it with and without the lights because once you turn on the lights, you won't be able to adjust color or contrast in the booth afterwards because the lights will spotlight the pieces on the wall.

    10x10 vs 10x20. A clean booth shot is what you want. if you don't do 20 foot booths on a regular basis, stick with a 10x10, which projects larger anyway because it's closer to square. You can always add a 20 foot booth picture for the shows that historically offer 20 foot booths. But also consider whether your pieces are so large they look better in a 20 foot booth.

    Larry Berman

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