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Easy enough to discover this is a scam.  Got it today.  Just posting so it shows up in 'google' in case anyone else gets a similar email....


My name is Joey Marcos.  I'm in the process of moving to Italy to expand my business field. I just bought a house in Milan, Italy and I'm interested in collecting an artwork for a space within my house to make it unique and beautiful.

Can I look through your website so as to pin point my choice , request for a quote and more information about a piece of my interest?

I look forward to hearing back from you soonest.


I entered "Can I look through your website so as to pin point my choice" in google and found other references to this scam.


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I seem to be the target of the phone scammers. For the umpteenth time I received another call from "Microsoft Customer Service" telling me my computer was sending out malicious viruses. When they asked the type of computer and its age, I told them it was a 25 year old Commodore 64. It took a few more minutes before the chump wised up and hung up. These bozos are everywhere, particularly the Nigerian scammers. It's a matter of anymore being suspicious with any phone call or email that just doesn't quite look or sound right.

The "Microsoft" ones are coming in waves for me. It will be quiet for a while, then I will get one every few days.


But Rachel from Cardholder Services never lets a day go by without calling me. If she stopped, I would have to check my phone to see if it was broken.

I've been lucky since I've not heard from sweet Rachel for many months. That little hussy will probably call me tomorrow ;-)

If you have VOIP for your phone, look into "NoMoRoBo". It scans over 250,000 robocall numbers and if it's good ol' Rachel or any of the dozens of scammers who purchased that recording, the calls are automatically blocked.

The device does not block robo calls from doctors or the good ones.

The FTC had a $25,000 reward for somebody who could successfully stop these calls, and this guy won.


We are one of the 12 families in the USA who still has a landline.  I promise you 99.9% of the calls in our home are never answered.  That 99.9% are telemarketers or politicians.

Oh, and those calling about your credit card and immediately say "There is not a problem with your credit card."  We got those calls even when we had NO credit cards.  One time I actually stayed on the line.  When the boiler room worker on the other end got on the other end, I asked what credit card they were calling about because we had zero credit cards.  Response?  Pretty much no answer, just sorry for the interruption.

I received a call from some scam hole  saying the same thing about my credit card...he just needed to verify some info for the bank... and when he asked for my card #  I made up a group of numbers off the top of my head...and it had a few extra digits. I had fun with this and we went back and forth for several minutes about the amount of numbers because I told him "well, that's what is on my card" ... If he was from the bank and calling about my card I figgered he should already know my card # he was calling about.

After about 4 or 5 minutes I said "Gotta go, my lunch is ready" and I hung up.

Some days when I am in a funny state of mind I just like to mess with people.

Funny.  My dh likes to mess with other's head just to have fun too.

Love your response, Greg. If I answer those calls, I'll simply lay the phone down while they are talking and come back a few minutes later. No one ever waits for me to pick back up.

As long as you pick up the phone or let it go to voicemail, the computer on the other end recognizes the number as a live phone and will automatically keep dialing forever if necessary.

I've gone online and heard about how some people handle it. The most effective way is a canned air horn blasted at the person when you elect to talk by pressing 1. He did it because he was so frustrated by the constant calls. The scammer on the other end said he was going to call the police and sue. The poster said "go ahead! Then we'll know who you are!" He had to do it a few times as there are multiple scammers. But the calls decreased dramatically.

The second most effective solution was a police whistle. Same result.

You need the person on the other end of the line to remove you from the automatic calling list.

You can ask that your number be put on the company's do not call list.

The scammers ignore any do not call lists. "Rachel from Card Services" has a part in the routine that says "press 9 if you no longer want to receive these calls." You press 9 and that tells them the phone number is live and it's then sold to other scammers. And they continue to call anyway.

There are a few apps for smartphones that do the same thing. Really handy little utility.


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