This is my first Chicago show, and I'm not at all familiar with the area.  Is this a safe area?  Do they have overnight security?  Any info will be helpful!


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  • I've done this show twice. I like the area, lots of people, diverse crowd, although not one of the easier shows to get in and out of being in the city. I have left my merchandise both times (fiber) and it was fine. I recommend it!

  • I did this show last year (for the first time) and although it had a few quirks (what show doesn't) I thought it was a very good show and I'm going back this year.  I stayed about 20 minutes north of the show in a hotel (Holiday Inn I think) and the drive was the worst part - the area has a lot of traffic, like Colin said; I think I got more 'honks' that weekend than the entire rest of the year.  Since it was my first time at this show, I got a little turned around on the roads, and my Google GPS directions weren't much help.  The breakfast was delicious and several local restaurants were willing to deliver meals to your booth.  I always take my art with me overnight (jewelry) but the booth appeared undisturbed in the morning.  Hope to see there!    

    • Thanks Elizabeth!  I'm really looking forward to this show!

  • What are the attendees like?  Lots of buyers?  Traditional, contemporary, etc?

  • The security is actually the Chicago PD and they do a great job.  This will be my 4th year there and I've been comfortable leaving my art in my booth.  The area is quite safe to walk around, I have several friends who live nearby.

    • Thank you Amy!  It sounds like a good show for you, what is your medium?

      • Fused glass.  Erin runs a great show and this community supports the artists rain or shine.  Oh, and the breakfast rocks!

        • Amy, what nearby hotels would you recommend?


          • sorry I just saw this.  I live an hour away so I go home at night. 

  • I did this show last year.  There is overnight security ( I was concerned about the same thing last year ).  Everyone around me had done the show before and left their artwork in their booths overnight, so I did the same for the entire weekend.  My booth was untouched and in order when I returned each morning.

    Regarding the area, Lakeview is a very congested area to get in and out of ( think typical Chicago traffic ). I live in a suburb outside of Chicago and I did not enjoy the terrible commute both days.  The area has made it into the news a few times this year for crime, but there were no incidents, that I'm aware of, during the weekend of the show last year.

    Hope that helps.

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