I'm planning to attend jurying for Columbus, Ohio Arts Festival in January. Is it possible to find out an approximate time when a given medium will be viewed? With 1000 applicants over two days, I don't think I can stay for the whole process.

Also, how is each round distributed among the two days? For example, is round one on day one and round two on day two?

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  • Hi Jay. Why don’t you call the director, Sean Kessler. Tell him I suggested you call him use my name it should work. And that’s the best way to get the information so you can plan your day also. Even if he doesn’t will call you back someone in the office will now.

    • I appreciate that, Connie - I will do so after New Year's Day.

      Thank you!

  • Ask the director.

    larry Berman 

    • I asked the director via email over two weeks ago and haven't received a reply. I will try again.

      • I've seen schedules posted on the door of the room at some open juries. They may post it on the web site prior to the day of the jury.

        Larry Berman

        • Thank you, Larry. When you attended the Columbus jurying, was the first round on day one and the second round on day two?

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