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This is my first go-round of submitting photos to a jury. Would you critique the images and let me know which ones you think are my strongest ones? I took 11 paintings to the photographer. 

I'm a bit bothered by the small misalignment of the diptych images, but maybe they aren't displayed long enough for a juror to notice, I don't know. 

I noticed that there are white flecks, which I am guessing is reflected light on the images of the dark paintings. Should I have the photographer clean these up? Is that possible?

Also, because I am an emerging artist, I asked him after the photo shoot to create a grouping to be used in place of a booth shot, as several shows allow that. Hopefully I'll have a booth soon. 


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Next three images. 


Another 3. Oh, I should mention that this is fluid acrylic painting. 


The last one. 


And the groupings. The first one, Cheryl Hewitt-grp-2.jpg, he forgot to bring it down to 1920, so he'll fix that. 


I'd eliminate the ones with too much white background and take the border off all the images. Then repost them in a smaller size like Connie did. If you want to use the one's with a lot of white, give me a call and I'll walk you through graying down the white so they project better. Additionally there's no reason for a group unless you are using one for a booth image. Then the 3 wouldn't work anyway. The diptych should be shot separately and put together in Photoshop so it lines up perfectly.

Larry Berman

Thanks for the feedback, Larry. I will ask the photographer to gray down the white, and if he fails, then I'll give you a call. The diptychs were shot separately, I think it was just poor editing when he put the two images together. I'll ask him to redo them. 

I wondered about the black border. So, do I want white space around the painting - does it need to have some space beyond the edge of the painting? 

Nothing around the edges of the paintings. 1920 long dimension and 1920 black borders to make them square.

Larry Berman

No images to view...

Do you see the links below 'Attachments' in each post? 

Hi Cheryl, just now I've downloaded your attachment and uploaded the first one here, after I resized it (at because it was so large. Your question will be better answered if you'd put the images rather than the attachment here. Not sure how to do that? Click in the tab up above "Get Started" and you'll see how easy it is to add your images.


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