Jinx Harris

I've been scanning my old slides for the past few weeks, about 1500 slides in.
Artists around my age, if they did any mall shows in New England, will recognize these people. Jinx Harris and her oldest son Lee at the Londonderry Faire in Woburn Massachusetts. Taken sometime in the 1980's.

Larry Berman

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  • Loved seeing these pics.  I can still see all five feet of her, tromping down the aisles, cigarette in hand, scowl firmly set. As gruff as she was, she made me laugh and she knew it, so we got along well.  I miss her.

    • As do I. At one time she wanted my (ex) wife and I to buy the house across the street from where she lived in South Jersey.

      Larry Berman

  • Thanks for the art fair history, Larry! Is Jinx still running events?

    I remember when Norm and I first met you, in NYC at an art fair adjacent to Central Park. We splurged and stayed at a hotel across the street from the show and spent some time with you and had a great time.

    • I remember taking a shower in your hotel room and sleeping in my van.

      And no, Jinx is no longer with us.

      Larry Berman

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