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I am sitting here reading about tents and a thought entered my mind. has anyone ever thought of painting their entire tent in their craft or art motifs? Could be very attractive (Two meanings here.) Paint away!

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Quite a few of the major shows require that the tent be white. Craft shows are less picky, and you'll see EZ-Ups with blue tops occasionally. But in the big shows, white tents are white for a couple of reasons. The first, and most important, in the eyes of the show, is to present a line of more or less uniform tents. The second, and perhaps more important to the artist, is that white tents don't filter the light passing through the roof, and don't put a color cast on the art work.

Of course, that said, painting the walls would have little effect on reason two, as they are typically opaque anyway.

Thanks. I was not aware of such restrictions, particularly in my day. I just thought it might add a little gaiety. I never had a tent unless provided by show.

Gaiety is very bad. Must be serious nowadays. No laughing.

In Ann Arbor we used have people bring instruments and we'd sit and sing.
Too bad the good times are unacceptable. visitors used to like it, too. Of course this was around, ye gods, 50 years ago. I hope you are joking.

Sadly I'm afraid Jim is only half joking. If you could dig out any photos from those days long gone by it was sure be fun to see them. There's still much to be learned from those who have gone before us.

Yup, joking.

I still know guys who bring a guitar or sumthin' and play in the back during the slow times. I've been tempted to bring my little steel guitar around a few times -- it does travel on the road with me. 

I dance to entertain the customers occasionally. You know what they say about white guys.

I do remember being at Ann Arbor and there was a lot of fun. Our first time there our neighbor was Don Nedobeck, who plays a mean clarinet. He'd leave his booth and stand at the corner of State and Liberty and play away. 

I believe that at some of the more "indie" type of shows that you'll find variations on the boring booth. "Kentuck", for example, where you'll find a bunch of outsider types of exhibits.

Several people have spoken about alternative ways of putting up their booths at these posts:

Here is Corey Johnston's:

And here is another cool link:


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