The difference between getting into a show and not getting into a show could be having professionally shot or edited images and an excellent booth image. I want to heartily recommend Larry Berman to all of you. Twice, now, he has fixed my booth shot with excellent results. He has shot my work in the past. Because of Larry, I have gotten in to all the major shows, St Louis, Ft Worth, Cherry Creek, Artisphere just to name a few. He is the best in the business. Thank you Larry Berman.

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  • Really nothing to see. With Barry, all I did was remove the sign the show provided from his booth.

    I usually get four or five booth pictures a week to clean up, whether it was taken at a show or the artist set up their booth for the photograph.

    Larry Berman

  • Right. He is a pro. Not only can he "do the shot", he knows what the jurors are looking for in the image and how to make your booth look like that, thereby giving you a boost at getting into the show. Big plus.

    Any chance, Barry, you can show us "before" and "after?"

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