Hey all! I have been using a decent sony camera for a few years now, and lately it has really become temperamental - eating batteries like candy, the quality - although still nice - doesn't keep up with the newer cheaper models, and it is kinda bulky. My intention is to use it to take photographs of products for my website as well as use at shows, travel, and the like. I am pretty good with a camera, so it doesn't have to be simple, but looking for some ideas and recommendations from folks here. Michelle By the Bay Botanicals www.bythebaybotanicals.com

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  • Hey all. I guess I never followed up with this post as I see folks very enthusiastic about sharing their opinions on the topic. Although I did get my at the beginning of Dec. '09, a Canon powershot SD1200 IS, I hope this discussion continues as there are folks who are always looking for a new camera. Whether it is their first camera or their 21st (as they can never find the right one or they break easily) this info is gold, in my opinion. Thanks for your help and advice - everyone! - Michelle
  • Hi Michelle.....
    I am camera dependant and mine are high end prices so I won't recommend any of those.
    However - seems like all the pocket cameras have higher pixels so that's not really a consideration.
    THE most important part of the camera is the lens. While the smaller ones do not have interchangable lenses and are not SLR's, I would suggest to anyone looking for a pocket camera to first stay with the better known cameras (Canon etc) and pick one that emphasize the lens features.
    Any of those are great for the "snapshot" user - perfect for show image pictures.
  • I posted this earlier today on my forum when someone asked about a small camera to take to shows. Though I'm not a Canon user, I recommend the PowerShot S90 which has the same sensor as the G11. At the wide end of the zoom, it starts at 28mm f2.0 which is much easier to shoot handheld because of both the wide angle and the fast maximum f stop.

    Larry Berman
    Digital Jury Services
  • Funny, I missed this discussion when I was looking for a camera to give myself for Christmas. I spent hours trolling Amazon reviews and could not find the answer to one question that is important to me.

    I need to be able to take pictures without flash. I will be visiting museums and churches on a trip that do not allow flash. (And they are not well lit in the first place.) From experience, even with a tripod all the pictures done at slow speeds in dark places with my old point and shoot are too grainy. How do I select one that can do this? I’m not sure what to call it. “Shooting in the dark”, LOL?

    I will not be using it to shoot artwork.
  • After lugging around my Canon SLR and always being in fear of losing it or having it stolen in my booth, I finally decided I needed a small compact camera also and bought the Canon IS 1200 ELPH Power Shot and absolutely love it. Fits in my pocket or bag, easy to use and works great in getting those really close up shots of my jewelry in my lightbox. I am definitely a Canon gal!
  • I have owned 4 Canons. The latest being a Canon Digital Rebel(that I purchased used on Ebay) and a Powershot SX110IS. Love the simplicity of the SX 110. The Rebel is more difficult for me to operate, but gives wonderful results. Here is a photo of one of our golden retrievers taken with the Rebel.

    Wish I had more time to study and develop some better photography skills:)


  • Michelle,
    I use my camera exactly how you describe and have struggled for two years to get the Nikon D80 to do what my old sony does so easily. That is capture crisp clean true color images of my art. So my recommendation is to stay way from the Nikon, I find it hard to get the sharp focus on 2-D art and the learning curve is hard. My experience with Sony has been the opposite can all my friends love their Cannons, good luck
    • I can't imagine what your Nikon D80 can't do that the Sony point and shoot can do better. Give me a call and I'll walk you through a proper workflow when photographing your art.

      Larry Berman
      Digital Jury Services
      Test Your Jury Images and Presentation
  • Interesting you all mention the canon power shot. This is one I am looking into - my husband has been scouring reviews, prices via amazon.com and BJ's and some other places... My mother in-law has expressed an interest in getting a camera as well, but is NOT a tech person what so-ever. My husband has to fix her computer - we live in MD and she is in MN! How Mark does it I don't know, but thought we could get a nicer model and a simpler one for her so we would be able to trouble shoot some things for her if need be. I can hear it now - the red button is blinking what does that mean, and us replying - what does the manual say? LOL! Thanks for the great info all of you!
  • Canon XS10IS
    Hi Michelle.... I have several top of the line Canon's, but I got this one for my husband last Christmas. He is NOT a photographer and this is very easy for him to operate, yet gives marvelous images. A plus is that this one also has a video camera - he uses it for the videos I use on my show reports. Perfect image quality for booth shots as well.
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