Doing one of my first shows tomorrow with an EZUP Tent and ProPanels 10x10... Show is in Oakland and weather says gusty winds ranging 20 up to 30 MPH... This is in an open parking lot and I have the hooks that pull the tent down to the panels and 4 sand bags each with only about 12 lbs. of sand for each leg of the tent.

So my question is..."Am I nuts?" Am I asking for major trouble and damage to the set up and the artwork with the scenario above.  Any feedback or tips appreciated!



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  • Thanks everyone! 

    I did end up adding more weight. That combined with being in a center spot and having the tent anchored to the Pro Panels with the PP provided hooks helped a lot... Had to share this pic of a happy customer. :) Thanks again!!!


    • Glad to see everything worked out and that you had a successful show!

  • A jeweler who flies to some of his outdoor shows passed this on to me. Go to Home Depot and buy 5 gallon buckets of dry wall wud. Use them as weights over the weekend then return them to Home Depot for refund after show. I have endued 45 mph gusts in Estes Park, CO with three 5 gallon buckets of water anchored to corners from bottom center, plus four 45 lb PVC weights on corners. In addition upper 4' of walls are peg boarded and leather goods weigh several hundred pounds. A microburst in Denver that took down an entertainment tent with 3"(?) poles, scooted my booth a few feet. The only time I don't like wind in during set up or take down. Otherwise, I can handle it.

  • You definitely know it is too windy when you see your tent going down the street...

    • You are prob done with your show by now- 20-30 mph winds are doable with your canopy. Follow other's suggestions for weight, and pound your canopy legs into the
      parking lot. I never have any sides on mine and I believe that also helps.

  • The least amount of weight I ever have on my tent is 35-40 lbs per leg. If it's going to be windy I double up.

  • You should definitely get more weights. 12 lbs per leg is a drop in the bucket...especially when 20- 30 mph winds are expected. If not for your own tent, do it for the sake of the other tents around you.

  • Yeah, go to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy 4 bags of pea gravel. They're about 50 pounds a bag and very cheap. Wind a rope around them, tie it, and take other end up to the top of the frame, and pull it tight before tying off.
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