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Do you post the prices of your artwork in your booth? on your website? Why or why not?

I just read this article in analyzing the results of doing just that. It has been an ongoing topic with artists whether to do it or not.

Here is what Forbes reports from a survey from

      The report also found that online buyers don’t like it when the price of an artwork isn’t          listed, and that more price transparency leads to more sales.

       Artsy gives galleries and artists the right to keep the price hidden until contacted by a         buyer. But it has found that those artists and galleries that make prices visible, and             that give buyers the option to click and buy, will sell at up to six times the rate of                 those that don’t, Steib said.

Read the article yourself and report back:

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Same with art shows but it's worse. If you're at a busy show and you don't have prices, a percentage of interested people will walk away. Not having prices on a web site is ridiculous, forcing people to contact you twice if they are interested, once for the price and the other to make arrangements to purchase.

Larry Berman

I totally agree Larry.

Prices are important to show to basically purge the minions coming through to understand the level they are looking at. Our products are expensive so letting folks know where they are at helps all.  I much rather have the folks who see the work as "too Expensive"  to move along without having a ten minute conversation which won't end in a sale.


I’d be curious to know what price points went into that “study.” I think you can sell lower price points online, but five and six figure artwork, maybe not so much.


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