next weekend I am kicking off my round of Holiday Shows, every weekend is booked from Nov 5  right through Dec 11. I usually use a few holiday display items wire tree for earrings, red table covers, small ornaments here and there. I am thinking of adding tiny white garland lights to the edges of my table tops, and having one large glass bowl, filled with lights, and garland, with a small tree in it, as a centerpiece. Most of these shows play holiday tunes, and the atmosphere is always great. My question is this, do any others decorate their booths for holiday display, and does it help or hinder the shopping experience for the consumers?

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  • Last year my spouse sold some of her handmade knitted decorations from the booth.

    It was pretty funny but she said "I could always make more" lol.

  • Just a note on a holiday gift show that the ladies from church did today. I was up at 5am to be at the Field House in Parker ,CO with Jean by 6:30 for set up. The booth cost was $ $125 for a 1 day show 9am to 4 pm. They used my indoor booth and swipe device for credit card sales. Their product was lined fabric bags for gift wrapping. Eco friendly as they can be used year to year. I sewed 44 of those suckers. Their sales were a little over $300 which is ok for their first ever show. Good crowd but not spending money. Lots of craft and buy/ sell which you expect to see but nice craft even if it wasn't fine craft. Jean did some shopping - really cute hooded bathrobes for grandsons - dinosaur and wizard. Lots nicer than being sold at Target/Walmart. The ladies are at a break even point for their investment in material and booth fees. My advice, do more shows this fall to get in the black. It started snowing here tonight and there is lots a grapple ( hard round snow) falling with thunder and lightning. Have to stoke the fire for the dogs.
  • Update:

    I went with Christmas red table covers, my cream lace toppings, and a few  Christmasy decor items= cracle glass handpainted candle holders with Cardinals for biz card holders, two small holiday tree displays for earrings, and a small lighted Artificial centerpiece. Simple, not over done, coordinated, and different enough from the usual black/cream decor to stand out. Will stick with it for this season!

    • Did the first of my scheduled "Holiday" shows yesterday....been at this one four years now.

      Held at the local High School, run by the local Elementary School. Usually, the hallways and Cafeteria, were where we were all set up. Main entrance and side entrance used for load in/out. They made some changes this year. I believe they are positive changes, but it led to a bit of confusion for the Artisans and crafters. New coordinator, although she has been involved from inception, this was the first year she headed the whole show. She had issues with her internet provider, was not receiving e-mails from certain individuals. I first contacted her in September...and FINALLY had to contact the retired director, one week before the show!

      There was no instruction given, that we would be using the GYMNASIUM this year, that we needed to go to two entrances around the back of building. Also, confusion was apparent in the attendees, as they also had no idea that they needed to use different entrance /exit and parking. These changes were necessary, as SAT testing goes on the same weekend, and having both testing and Craft & Artisan Fair at same time was very problematic, mainly to the SAT testing. Given the confusion, the show was well attended, had a good flow of foot traffic, the GYM being a much better location, as we were all in one area, not several differing areas, and flow could be directed better. As this is in my home town, and this year's event was the BEST I have ever done at this locale, I feel that with improved communications between Director and Artisan/Craftspeople, it will have the potential to be one of my best events for the Holiday Season. 

      • That's great Karole :) I have a school-based show this Friday, also held in their gym and whilst not huge its always great fun!

        • It wasn't huge either, but had better attendance than previous years. And after the rocky start, it went very well. Plus, I like interacting in my home community...I know teachers, Doctors, nurses, etcetera and they all like to pop by, see the new inventory, pick up gifts for the family, etcetera, and bonus...all the proceeds go to needy families in the community with children, or it is a way of giving back to the community, too!

          • That's great Karole :)   Ours has a fashion parade in it which I provide the jewels for, and everyone gets a giggle as some ladies with LOTS of confidence strut their stuff :)

            • Wow! A fashion show...that could be fun!! Not for myself, but I know several ladies who would enjoy that!! Unfortunately, I don't know if the rest of the community would embrace it, too, umm...hidebound? LOL! Good luck at the show!

              This coming weekend is one of my faves...friday night setup= relaxing three hours to get it done. Chatting with fellow Artisans & Crafts people, Then home to rest up for 2 days of show!! And instead of looking like a roady for the show, I get to dress decently, nice comfortable, professional clothing (instead of jeans, sturdy work shoes and sweatshirt). I also won't have to start the show feeling like I need a shower....set up is work intensive for my little, short self!!

              My 6 ft tables are a foot longer than I am and weigh half of my body weight!! Not to mention, all the carting to and fro, crawling on the floor, to place the risers under the table legs, yada, yada, ad infinitem!! I only need to cart one table to this one, as they provide 1 eight footer. Just working on space layout now....I'm off!! Have a great show!!! 

  • I always decorate for Christmas.

    Since my product line is hangers, I hang a 36 inch Christmas wreath right in the center of my backstop. I use my small clips to hang garland and lights to show how the homeowner can do it too. I use my plant hangers to hang kissing balls.

    Then I take out the hammer dulcimer Christmas music. I play it soft so I don't bother my neighbors. But they always come over to me and tell me to turn it up.

    • I'm going to- holiday red table skirts, and my holiday centerpiece, and I also got some holiday themed display items today!  Love the Dulcimer Christmas music....I supplied my holiday cd's to several shows last season- being married to a guitar guy, music is big in our home, and we have a variety of genres. They asked me to bring the music this year, too! I'll post a pic when I debut the new holiday look!


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