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Help! Trying to reassemble my C and H Mat Cutter Squaring Arm after a move

I just moved my home and studio to Santa Fe NM and although I am usually fastidious about making sure all parts of equipment are accounted for, I can't figure out how to put the Squaring Arm back on my C & H M40 Mat Cutter.  I have the arm and the big black knob that tightens it, but I can't figure out what I need to keep it from swiveling off the black metal hub that's screwed down to the mat cutter base.  If anyone can help, I would be most appreciative.

I've included two relevant photos - one of the squaring arm next to the hub it fits over and the other is a close up of one of the two allen type screws I found in the bag with the black tightening knob (which I have but is not in the photos).

Thank you for any helpful ideas!

(photos wouldn't paste from my 'pictures' file  - find attached below)




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tried calling you but the number on your web site is no longer in service. I took pictures of my C&H with the squaring arm flipped over and attached. Give me a call.

Larry Berman

Years ago I called C & H, they have a guy that knew everything there was to know about them and he was very helpful, can't remember his name although it was like Lars are something like that? Anyway from your picture the squaring arm has a peg on bottom that fits into the hole that is the second from the left on yours. Here is a pic of mine. I have a knob, not a screw, that attaches the squaring arm to the plate on the mat cutter.

Here is a pic of mine.


Thank you, Brian! It actually doesn't look like I'm missing anything. Mine has the same base and same big black knob. It also has a metal male part on the underside of the squaring arm that fits into the base. I will have to figure out why mind doesn't snug down with just the knob.
Would you mind taking a picture of the metal hub on the base to which the squaring arm attaches? That way I would be completely clear that we're using the same vintage cutter. Thanks again - really helpful.
~ CC

Hi again Brian,

Because my threaded black knob gizmo looks the same as the one you have and mine just doesn't seem to screw down far enough to hold the squaring arm in place, I'm thinking that what I'm missing is some sort of big spacer or washer for it.  The knob screw on mine measures a total of 1" from its connection to the underside of the knob to the end of the screw part.  It is blackened only halfway from the end, so it looks like the 2nd 1/2" must go through some sort of washer.

Would you mind looking at that part of your knob screw and how it is affixed to the squaring arm and metal hub?  

Thank you.  You're the only person I can find who's using the exact same mat cutter as I am.  ~ CC


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