Have A Hyundai Santa-Fe

 Has anyone used a smaller vehicle to work with the Knockdown Propanels.  I  have just started back to do shows and sure am not ready to make too many major purchases until I test the waters again.  I have artwork, mostly framed and am a pretty good packer  If nearly everything is standing in the van I would think I can get everything in.

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  • I really do need something bigger, but I've been driving USED Dodge Grand Caravan's since 2001. You can easily get them for $3,000 cash or less with fewer than one hundred thousand miles on them. Transmissions can be a problem at about 140,000 miles, so be prepared for that expense which can cost almost as much as the van itself (unless you put it in yourself). That problem used to be a $1,600 fix if you had the right good mechanic. Now it's about $2,400. It's all still cheaper than buying more expensive vehicles or new ones with a loan, because with a loan you have to have expensive insurance coverage. Without a loan the liability insurance is only about $300 per year with a good driving record. It may be less when coupled with another vehicle. I stopped using the first van at 280,000. My second one now has 209,000. I did just replace the rack and pinion for $600.

    Maintenance problems are rarely ever as expensive as loans for more expensive vehicles.

  • I test drove a Santa Fe with my husband, nice car.  If you pack the panels w/out the boxes and pack smart it will work.  I have a PT Cruiser, I removed the back seats and get around 64 cubic feet storage behind the front seats.  The Santa Fe has I want to say very close to 80 square feet.   I use my car and it comfortably carries 12 knock down panels, ez-up tent, 6 ft table, lunch cooler, haul it cart, odd stuff, and I can still see out the back window.  My husband carries my art work and print bins in his new Corolla (he has a long drive so we opted to get a more fuel friendly car).  Oddly the Prius C had more cargo space than most SUVs, (not the Santa Fe) but my husband was trading in a Charger and the Prius was too much of a change for him.  It is my first year doing this, but I've already realized after set up my honey needs freedom to go back home.    

    • I can get all of that in my car, I just can't get the artwork in after all the other stuff.  If we had a second vehicle that would work.  Do you ever do internet sales ?  I have not heard of many people doing well with that.

      • I have not tried it out. I am a bit dubious as it becoming a huge source of income, but it all depends on what you sell and how you do it. One of my aunts is retired and sells sock monkeys on Esty. One good year she sold 400. She has found that others on that site will quickly imitate what works and it has really hurt her sales. There is a lot of people selling on that site and pulling up your product on a search is a bit of a needle in a haystack unless you are frequently searched or they already are looking for you from a business card or link.
  • Hi--I get everything in a Kia Soul and I have 9 knock-down propanel walls. I got something called a Roof Bag, which was inexpensive, I think about 35.00 online...it is basically a bag you strap to the top of your car without needing a luggage rack. You can get a lot in it, but we found that putting about 6 of the propanels (12 pieces) in it, leaves us enough room in the car for the rest and everything else including the tent right down the middle between the front seats. This includes 2 people in the car. Or you could put your partner in the Roof Bag.

  • I fit all my gear into my wife's Ford Escape. Frames, prints, tent, poles for mesh panels, mesh panels, weights and cart. There is not room for anyone else but a driver but it all fits...

    • I am pretty good at packing things. I am still looking for panels, so can't be sure how everything will fit.  I have a partner but I can always tie him to the roof.

  • If you don't think the Pro Panels will fit, consider mesh walls.

    What you want to do is to be able to take your display out before the artwork, and at the end of the show, put the artwork away before the display. That way nothing gets damaged if it's raining.

    Larry Berman

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