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Considering the price of Happifeet, I would like to think that I was safe in assuming that the standard 32 lb weights were sufficient protection.... However, the fact that they offer 16 lb add on weights makes me question.... 

Does anyone have any experience of using Standard Happifeet Weights without the optional add on weights?  Is this enough weight to keep a Trimline tent on the ground in high winds?

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No. You really want a minimum of 45 pounds on each leg on a Trimline, and more is better. That said, having static weight at the very bottom of the leg is a good way to keep the legs from "walking" in a high wind.

Happifeet are very expensive for the mass. You might look into having a local welder fabricate some solid steel weights out of bar stock. I have four 75 square steel weights with loops swaged into the top end. They attach to the top of the tent with a web strap and rest gently on the ground. They can be tied into the leg to keep them from swinging.

HappiFeet and John Deere weights have a wide footprint around the feet of your tent, too.

I looked at Happifeet and was shocked at how expensive the product is for what you actually get. It was something like $400.00 for a set of four weights. What I did instead was bought 16 of the sandbag weights that are black tubes you fill with sand. They weigh a ton and for the weights and the sand it cost about $50.00 total. King Canopy makes the weight bags. I ordered them from SAMs Club. I bungee strap them to my tent poles and they are very secure and my tent stays put. Hope this helps you!! Elle

The important thing is the weight has to be down low. There are all kinds of ways to add weights, but I have been at shows where it is windy and seen weights that are suspended from the top of the tent swinging in the wind. Very scary and it does not keep the tent from "walking" as Jim said. Also, if they are up high they are distracting from your beautiful display. 

Two of the good things about happifeet (yes, they do advertise with me) is that they are compact and if you are pressed for space in your vehicle they store very small and stack neatly. The other thing is they are very nice looking and do not distract from your display.

Every square inch of our van was packed to maximize, so small worked well for us. Also, smaller pieces are easier to carry long distances. Are you going to have to dolly across a park or across a busy city street? We used 35 lb weights, two to a leg, and in bad circumstances also used dog stakes screwed into the ground, tied the tent to fire hydrants, dumpsters, grates in the street, you get the picture ;) We've even tied it to our van. 

Observation: at Bond Park where the town of Estes Park, CO holds their outdoor art shows, the town fathers had eye bolts drilled into large boulders that form a perimeter behind the tents. Artists use them as anchors as it does get windy there. I don't see that they would have any other use unless a herd of dogs showed up.


I have used Happifeet for a few years now and I can say they, for me, are worth the money.  My EZ up went nowhere even when other more expensive tents were on the move.  They are compact and do not detract from my display and are not hanging in the breeze.. You can also secure at the bottom and bungee to the top if you like.  I just bought a Lightdome for my new tent and plan to use the Happifeet on it, too

Diane, do you use only the standard 32lb weights?  or did you add the optional add-on weights Happifeet offers to your set up?

Im thinking Ill use Happifeet during the not-so windy days, and add additional sand bag weights when leaving the tent overnight and on especially windy days...... 

I have just used what came with the happifeet although I thought that it was more than 32 lbs.  I bought them a few years ago and I don't know if they have changed during that time.  I do have additional 10 lbs weights for each foot that I bought when I first bought the ez up but I don't think that i have used them with the happifeet more than once or twice. I always carry them in the car though.

Hi Diane, you purchased your Happifeet weights in March 2010 and you have the standard set of 4 since you have an EZ-UP tent.

I just purchased a lite dome.  Will the happifeet work equally well with that?  They were great with the ez up.

Yes, but since it is a heavier constructed tent than the EZ, I recommend the add-ons to be completely safe. If you have your additional weights like you mentioned earlier you can try those together and see how that set up works for you.  Please keep me posted as you use that because I want to know to educate me but mainly I want you to be safe.  If that set up doesn't work contact me about the add-ons.  It will give you 48 lbs per leg, but as you know it is really more substantial than that.

The Eaton canopy weights are half the price of Happifeet and work just as well.  I paid about $500 for enough weights to put 60 lbs on each leg (including shipping).


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