Can anyone help out with exactly where to attach the weights to our tent? I've made PVC/concrete weights. It seems like the frame is where I need to attach them, but some shows specify they must be attached to the canopy. Are they referring to the fabric top, or are they using "canopy" to refer to the framing? Thanks for any insight!

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  • I would imagine that canopy refers to the entire tent. Not all canopy tops have places to attach weights to the fabric or vinyl portion. The ones that do would rrequire hanging the weights outside of the tent and this would be limited by space restrictions. I securely attach my weights to the legs of my canopy and they are inside of my booth.

    Some canopy frames are more suitable for hanging weights and this would also be a factor depending on your tent type..

  • Hang from the top of the legs and fasten the weights midway up to the legs so they don't swing. Stabars will provide even more stability.

    Larry Berman

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