• Looking for insurance on products at a show.  Who is RLI and can anyone post a phone number and or an email address?  Thank you!


  • Another option may be the Artists, Crafters and Tradesman Insurance Program.  They just started advertising on this site.  Their website is Everything is done online and it is super easy and not expensive.
  • I have my studio and gallery building insured with Farmers. I have their off premises rider that covers me to $10k, but offer more. I chose the $1k deductable and they pay everything.
  • As Diane said, go down the list of topics on this section. Most of us use RLI and there's an agent who has posted recently. He can give you the straight answers you need.
  • Don't know what state you are from. Ihave a policy through Brower Insurance AGENCY, LLC. They are located in Westerville,OH. Phone number 614-918-2300 Their policy is through Westfield Insurance. I carry $1,000,000 in liability and my shop and tools are covered at replacement cost. Also materials and finished goods are covered at home and on the road. Everything is covered. You customize your needs and pay accordingly. Rates for me are reasonable but some may consider them high. However I am a toy maker and couldn't get coverage for a long time because of liability issues. Contact Lisa Dawson-Knight at the above number. Had policy in one week from starting.

    Ed Schmidt
    Toys 'N' Stuff(wooden toys)
  • See discussion on Liability Insurance
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