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HI. I’m Gypsie based in North Carolina. I am wondering if there are other full time motor-homer’s or RV’ers that follow a craft show / fair circuit? Hope to connect with some of you both here and in person!

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Hi Gypsie

I'm not a full time RV show liver. However I've done it for about 3 months at a clip. I used a Class C, 33' Winnie.

Now I'm considering buying a Class C toy hauler to use for much greater time.

I would make the "toy" section into my workshop and show setup. Then live in the rest, while on the road. Might carry my motorcycle on the back for extra travel freedom.

I would want a much smaller version. Maybe a 24' if they make one like that.

Hi Larry and thank you! I carry my three wheeled bicycle with me for alternate transportation. Toy hauler is a good idea!
I'm also a biker (bicycle). Mtn & road. I would carry at least one with me. However for more quick distance the motorcycle has advantages.
If I want to leave the "home" parked near an upcoming show and want to travel meanwhile.
Some places it is very difficult to get around or park the RV.
An example is Key West.
The motorhome affords me the opportunity to make it a lifestyle not just a business tool.
The chance to do extended travel and exploration time.
Traveling to the various areas for shows affords me the lifestyle to explore & learn, while enroute as well as in that general area and do more art.
Exactly!! I could ride on the back but after 13 back surgeries, can’t sit a Harley! May I ask what you vend?
PS LOVE Key West. ❤️
I would not want to be riding a Harley. I ride a BMW. Uh oh, here come all the flames... the Harley put down was just in jest :-)
The BMW is quiet, comfortable, no shake & never breaksdown.
My medium is photography. Natural, not the highly post processed type. Very eclectic.
The bike makes for easy parking and access in different areas.
Key West is nice. The cops not so. One was rather nasty with me about where I had the RV parked and how quickly I moved it out of there :-)
LOL Key West used to be so laid back until the rich people took it over. Sorry if you’re rich, bitter taste in my mouth right now in that regard. Anyway, I actually like the BMW Touring Bike (not sure that’s the correct name) a lot. It was an ex that rode the Harley but I was never on it. Long story that one!!

My first foray in the craft/art fair circuit was with photography (film). I have tubs and tubs full of framed and glassed nature pictures; in particular wild flowers but as you said, a very eclectic collection. I would hang my favorite flower pieces and it never failed, the silly pictures sold. A turtle riding on an alligators head, a fire hydrant collage with the main hydrant painted as a Dalmatian.

I can’t remember the sizes I’ve seen but there’s some nice Class C Toy Haulers our there, that’s a great idea.

The reasons I desire the smaller size Toy Hauler:

A) Parking

B) Fuel economy - not that any of them are economical.

C) I'm alone so I don't need much extra room for living quarters.

D) Easier to maneuver.

F) I have found when checking into a trailer park, they don't always have a space available for the larger units but a small one can go anywhere.

I'm an old school back pack / primitive camper. I can live just fine out of a tent. For the show circuit it is a bit better to be able to shower, cleanup and cook, quick and easier. Therefore the RV.

Having the portable work shop is great. I can carry less inventory and adapt while on the road. Being able to drop the back or side down to just roll my show stuff out is great... easier on my bad back. Large opening makes it easier to pack. 

I think the Class C is a good type as it allows for more efficient room use, over the driving area, thereby reducing the overall length requirements.

I like the drive ability of the Class C over the A. Grew up driving a pick up truck and the C drives like I’ve to me. In the A (although the living space is nice) I didn’t ever feel like I was truly in control. One wrong pinky move and that thing goes where it wants.
I've had many tell me NOT to drink the water from the RV. I understand their rationale. However, as a camper, I know how to purify my water. When using it often, do you bother with extra purification or just drink it from the tap?
To be honest, just cheap warehouse brand bottled water. The rationale makes sense, although there are purifiers these days if needed as you said and of course, the tried and true boiling method!

I have the portable purifiers, for camping. Also a Steri-Pen, great little device. Purifies via Ultraviolet light. I can grab water from most any source and feel fine. I don't use the bottled water as I don't want to promote the use of plastic bottles. I care about the environment, just not enough to bicycle to the shows, pulling a trailer.

I was more concerned if you have found the naysayers to be correct about not drinking the tap water, in the RV. I have even had sales reps at the RV dealership tell me not to drink the water.

I'd like to be lazy and not have to engage all the filtering. Otherwise where does it end. Do I filter the water I wash my dishes with? Washing hands... I might put my finger in my mouth (although usually it is my foot)?

Hmmm, I wonder if I drink it, will it affect me strangely? Will it affect my mind? Will I start thinking weird? Perhaps try to become an artist?  :-)


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