Black Vinyl display pedestals for sale:  They are all 14" square and vary in height from 1 1/2 ' to 4' tall.  This is an inventory of the pedestals.

2  4' tall

4   3 1/2' tall

6   3' tall

8  2 1/2' tall

7   2' tall

6   1 1/2' tall

Cost $2390.00 new, very good condition, asking $950.00

Contact Georgia or Byron Knight 336-963-0382 or email at

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  • I'll take half of each size, assuming they can stand up in the wind, and can meet you on the way to Florida in January. Actually, before I commit, I need to know what they are made of.

    • Really hoped to sell the entire set, but will sell you half.  We never had any problem with the pedestals in the wind.  They are vinyl or plastic approximately 3/16" thick and are very sturdy.  We displayed pottery doing shows from southern Florida to Pennsylvania and the Midwest.  The only time we had any pottery broken was when a neighbors tent blew into ours.  I'm sure we can meet you some where to deliver the pedestals if you decide to purchase.  We will just need some advance notice so I can make arrangements on our end.  Let  me know if I can give you any more information.

  • Barry, What sizes are you looking for? Maybe we could work something out together on these.

    • Jim,  I see that you and Barry are from the Mid States.  If you two can work something out to split the pedistals, I am willing to meet one of you somewhere in the middle to deliver the set of pedistals.  This would save any shipping costs. 

  • I would take half of them, if someone would take the other half.

  • Would you split these up? I'm interested, but don't need the 11/2 or 2 foot sizes.  What's the maximum weight they will hold? Do the tops come off and do the sides fold together for travel and storage?

    • Hi Jim.  We really hope to sell them as a package.  We also did not use the small ones all the time but more as fillers when needed.  Yes the tops do come off and the sides fold flat. I can't tell you how much weight they will hold, they are very sturdy we displayed pottery and never had any issues.  When traveling I kept them against the bulkhead in our econoline with bunge cords and would just pull out the sizes we needed for that particular show.

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