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I do a very limited set of art shows - I stopped traveling out of town and doing outdoor shows.  So, I have a limited ability to sell works [other than web and such].  Thus I have loads of inventory which I'd like to move out of here to allow me to make new art = I do photography, architectural and travel topics mainly.  I have lots of 11x14 matted images [I no longer sell anything smaller than 16x20].  And I'd actually like to sell/get rid of all my larger pieces as well so I can repopulate the inventory.  They're already expensed out!

I have a well located home and garage and can set up a one day 'garage sale' in my garage using my ProPanels and doing everything I might need to have the artwork out and available to look at.  This is Des Moines, Iowa, so not a huge crowd expected but the ability to move anything would be good, and this is much less expensive than a PopUp shop or such.

Anyone do something like this and if so, how'd it go and what did you do to get ready and promote it.  I'm trying to hit the holiday season and actually am thinking of rushing it a bit [this coming Sat. in fact] due to my schedule etc.  But I think I can get everything sent and printed etc. by Monday if I go forward.  But would love to hear from others their thoughts on this.  

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Hi Victoria,

I suggest getting together with a few other local Des Moines artists and do a studio tour. That will generate more interest and get more people to attend.

Larry Berman

I understand...but I don't  have a studio, don't know others who do and given time constraints just want to get this done.  I appreciate the idea but it's no logistically possible for me right now.  Maybe for next year.

For the purpose of a studio tour, your garage can work for the day.

Larry Berman

Good idea - thanks.  Maybe I'll call it that and not a garage sale, tho I rather liked the idea of the tag.  But I'm either going to do it this coming weekend or not at all.  I'd rather get the inventory out of here in any way possible and a quick 'sale' is just fine by me.  

So the Q is has anyone else done such and anything I should know?  Other than the usual prepping for shows....

Just an update...decided I had not planned far enough ahead to do a good job, so scratched the idea.  Joined other vendors at a friend's openhouse [no sales, but cards taken and new persons met].  Better to take time to do a good job = and maybe since it is so cold here in Iowa in December, do it some other time.  Thanks for the ideas and wisdom.

I have done very well in my garage sales selling art . Also studio tours are good if you can block off the main part of your house so people aren't traipsing through your whole house.

Great ideas...maybe shoot for Spring.  What about teaming up with other local artists and having a "home show" in your garage and yard.  Give it a clever name and do a little might get a bigger crowd if more artists are involved, just a thought.


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