Hello, All:

I've been doing shows for about 3 years now (photography).  This season I switched to ProPanels, only to discover that my 8-ft panels just barely fit in my 7-foot Eurmax tent (I never used the full height before, and thought it extended to 8 ft).  So, I'm looking for something that can accomodate 8ft panels in all their glory.

At the same time, I'm increasingly disenchanted with the Eurmax tents (I have two 10 X 10, as I use a 20-ft space whenever possible).  They leak enough to drive me to distraction.  And like I said, they aren't tall enough. These canopies on Amazon seem largeky fungible - maybe they are't, but I really can't tell the difference between Eurmax, ABC, and 5 other brands.

Is there an EZ-up solution that will give me height and little more quality?  I have naturally looked at some of the Trimline/Light Dome options.  They look nice, but I am undoubtedly the slowest booth-setter-upper- you know. I am always the last to finish setting up and breaking down. I'm not particularly handy, either.   I hired an assistant this year - she's a big help! - but I don't have the bandwidth for complicating my setup any more.  So, I would really like an EZ-up.

I looked at Larry Berman's list of "sturdy" EZ-ups, but that resource is a bit dated.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  I may get a 10 X 20, and two 10 X 10s for those shows that don't allow 20-foot single tents (such as my city of Philadelphia), or just the two 10s with a good gutter system.

Thank you.






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  • How about a 10x15 trimline with awnings on the sides for double spaces. 

    larry berman 

    • Thanks for weighing in, Larry.  I know you've given these topics some thought.  I have two questions:

      I had never thought of a 10 X 15 option, which would encourage a little more creativity in my booth setup, at the price of basically commiting to use external display (which isn't a bad idea).  I guess I would keep one of the 10 X 10 Eurmax tents, or get a second 10' Trimline for those shows where I can only get a single booth slot.

      I'm concerned about the setup time.  One of the reasons I left Flourish (great product and service) was that I was wasting so much time figuring out which pole went where once I added options.  (Yes, in retrospect, careful labeling of the parts would've solved this problem, but this was always the last thing on my mind in the press of shows.  Lesson learned, ok?).   Obviously the Trimline is going to take more time than the EZ-ups, but I find this somewhat hard to gauge simply by looking at the instructions online.  Any thoughts?  Thank you.

      • When I had a light dome, I used different color spray paint to mark the connecting corners. That and using separate storage bags for legs, upper bars, sta-bars and roof made setting up much faster.

        Larry Berman

        • Thanks, Larry. I'm inclined to stick with an EZ for now - IF I can find one that accomodates 8-foot propanels.  Does anyone have any suggestions for tents that meet these criteria?  

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