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I've been using four 50lb weights from my 10x10 Trimline.  Doing my first double booth this weekend with a 10x20 Trimline.  The weight bags I use would be a bit obtrusive on the center poll as they are fairly large and I was planning on putting panels there.  Do people still use weights on 4 legs on a 10x20 or typically use weights on 6 legs?

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Six weights, or you could run the risk of the tent buckling along the 20 foot dimension. If you have panels in the center, use the partial Sta-Bar French door arrangement and use saddle bag style weight bags draped over the bottom Sta-Bar. You've got twice the surface area as before, the wind does not give you a discount on force; it's twice as much as before. I'd be inclined to bump up the corner weights to 75 pounds.


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