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Every time we go out of State to a show, our bank (TCF-our Business acct.) wants to know the dates we will be gone in case we use our card out of State-they will know it was US!  2 years ago we were out of State & we couldn't use our card-it said FRAUD ALERT when we tried to use it & the bank put a security LOCK on it!!! I called MY banker that I KNEW & she said that this is pretty standard & it is only to "protect us from fraud..."She said our number was randomly caught/red-flagged in the system. I said, "IT IS US trying to use it, &  she said "I know, but the system doesn't because you haven't used your card here for a long time. Then she told us they have to know every time we go somewhere... You know, I don't like even telling my bank when we will be gone.  By the way, I also called US bank & they said it was their policy as well. He said the same thing as TCF-that the system will "randomly check" when you are out of your area, so it doesn't happen to everyone all the time, but who wants to take that chance?!! We know you all travel & wonder if you have ever run into this & you have to alert your bank whenever you travel... or perhaps we were the unlucky ones 2 yrs. ago! We have had these banks for several years but they said that didn't matter either.

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Business and personal cards (3) with Chase - I notify them if traveling out of US, otherwise no and no problems.  They called me once when Jean was back east and bought some stuff on a Cherokee Reservation. I told Chase " it's just my wife hanging out on the Rez".

I have this problem with my credit union debit card. However I can call the fraud department and they will push my purchase through. Very annoying however I love the credit union in all other ways. 

You are right-it SHOULD only take a phone call to remedy this. We called the fraud dept. & they told us to go to our bank which was 8 hrs. away! We just need a bank chain closer to the areas we will be selling...I think I answered my own question-thanks!!

No problem like this. Sometimes when travelling over seas, especially to known problem areas, they will take mild action on first purchase. One call and ur's good again. 

I too, would not be willing to tell them, every time I travel.

It is your MO ey, not theurs...time to strengthen them out or get a new bank.

Yes, Larry, one call SHOULD do it, but it isn't their policy in either bank-these bank are too midwest for us now. I think to have a bank(like a chain) that is in most of the states we will be traveling to would be the answer. I could see calling the bank if we were going out of the Country, but NOT to give them a report of our travels to the DAY, especially sometimes being called at the last minute on a wait list....just ANOTHER thing to do-lol! 

And this is a bad thing?   In this day of rampant fraud and identity theft THEY'RE PROTECTING YOU!  I had one of my cards hacked recently; my bank theorized that the card was read remotely when I bought gas at the pump at a gas station and they recommended that we start paying inside.   It's a hassle but I wasn't thrilled to have to cancel a card I use for some automatic payments and reprogram everything.   But I'm glad the bank had my back and covered me as soon as I called.    They also request that we contact them when we will take extended trips and I am glad for it.

I see having to notify my bank when I am out of town as another security issue.  Who knows who has access to that info?  Who will those people with the info will pass it along to their less than reputable friends who will find my house and try to break in?

We do not let on to any banks or businesses that we will be out of town, even if it's just for just a long weekend---business related or not.  We have a B&M business that we want to keep safe.  We do not want our employees feeling vulnerable due to us being out of town and everyone and their (unscrupulous) brother knowing it.  Also, we do not want our unoccupied home vulnerable to robbery and vandalism while we are gone.  Yes, we have security at home and at work.

I sometimes feel that this sort of intrusion is "big brother" watching us ... ostensibly for our protection but who really knows?  I know sometimes they can catch real fraud happening in real time but really?  Is there this much fraud going on that we as customers have to notify each and every time?

I think in this time of increased fraud, this is S.O.P. with credit card companies, Kathleen.  I've had it happen to me (and now I do call them before I travel to avoid having my credit card denied when I stop for gas) and I've also had it happen several times when I'm running a card for a sale at a show.  When the latter happens I don't panic and the customer doesn't panic because we pretty much know what's happening if they've made multiple purchases at a show and especially if they've traveled to attend the show.

It's just something we all have to accept and get used to I think.  I don't have any problem letting the card companies know that I'm traveling (it may be big brother-ish, but that's the era we've - all of us in this country- created) because it's just another step to safe-guard my security and I appreciate it.

I've had the problem at trade shows-- local/in my "home town", but vendors coming from other cities, states, and even other countries. This means my credit card seems to be in use in several widely separated places within a short time-- and shuts down until I can get home and contact the "fraud alert" number (has to be on teh phone associated with the account, which is my home phone). It's my business cc that does this-- so I bring my personal one as a back-up, and do fund transfers to cover the charges (a pain, but better than going home "empty handed"). 

It has happened to us, too, but usually it only takes a phone call to set it right.  I appreciate that they are looking out for us because on one or two occasions it wasn't us, but someone who had somehow gotten our number.  We have also had it happen in reverse when we were doing shows out of our area that the client's credit card refused to honor our bill because they didn't think that their customer would be buying something from an artist from Indiana while they were in Florida.  We haven't yet alerted the credit card company when we travel.  I can hardly remember to stop the paper and the mail!!! LOL.

Any and all safety precautions are well worth it even though they might be a pain in the ass at times. I have had my credit card compromised twice recently with fraudulent July and then again in September. Both times the bank contacted me and cancelled my card and re-issued a new one. I was also told by the bank that if I am out of town when a fraud charge happens they can set it up so I can still use my card...but only in person and no online transactions...this allows paying hotels, gas etc.

I have my account set up where every single time a charge is made with my card I receive a text message and a email message notifying me of it.

This used to happen to us all the time when we used our Visa debit cards when traveling.  Chase Bank told us to make sure we used the card as a debit so that the PIN could be entered and that should take care of the problem.  That seems to have worked.


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