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They stopped making the Archtop & make one that is similar.

I have 2 used canopy tops (hardware) in good shape. I am closing my event biz so I would like to sell these for $50 each.

I am in CA & can ship UPS if you can't pick up.

I had 6 complete Archtop set ups as wife & I used to use 30' at two shows at a time. They are sold.

Photo shows the Flourish Archtop canopy compelte.  All I have left is 2 tops. No hardware.

Alan Holm


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I am confused / un-knowledgeable on the "arch top". In the photo it looks like the "Trimline" top. Is it the same?

Would it fit a Trimline?

No. They first made the Archtop. Then they added the Trimline. Then they discontinued the Archtop. My Archtops will only fit an Archtop frame. I owned 8 Archtops & loved them. I never owned a Trimline. I sold all of my Archtop frames but the buyer wanted the old worn cheaper top instead of the tops in better shape. So I have 2 extra.

Adding to Alan’s answer, the Archtop had a built in awning with the front edge of the top extending out. This created a problem with shows that had limitations with space either in front or the back. It was one of those good ideas that conflicted with space limitations. The bottom of the tent was the usual 10x10, but the top was 10x12 as I recall. If you were back to back on the street, and had a no overnight awning rule, you were screwed.

Dear Robert:

You bring up a valid point (the awning is either 18" or 21") BUT...

I used that wonder canopy for 20 years. I believe that I had 8-10 tops & 6-8 frames.

I worked up to 63 shows a year for 23 years. My wife & I split up doing 2 shows at a time. Our normal space was 20' but there were several shows that we had 30'.

Only once in one show did the fire dept force us move backwards to the awning didn't extend so far out.

Once a vendor's truck hit my awning.

The awning gave us excellent rain protection. It also gave us good sun protection as our products could fade in the sun.

What you said makes sense as to why Flourish discontinued this model. However, if you have one of these superior canopies, eventually your top will tear. Then it would be a good idea to buy my used top for $50 rather than spend $500-600 from Flourish for a new one $1000 (?) on Trimline.

I almost bought one about 25-30 years ago when they were new. I saw several of them at shows back then. I still recall one artist who put some wire shelving inside the overhang and stored small boxes up there. I've noticed over the last several years more and more shows are getting picky about awnings, citing the need for emergency vehicles to pass through aisles created on the street. I still see a few now and then, so they have durability for sure. 


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