Yikes, I am a regular Chatty Cathy this morning. 

I am TERRIBLE at the financial side of my business. Just terrible. And so I have decided to stop trying to do it myself, and pay someone to do it. 

If you have someone who deals with all that stuff, would you recommend him or her to me? I am looking for someone close to me, as well, but there is no reason I can't work online with someone, if there's someone good out there. 

I'd appreciate any ideas! 

ps - "bookkeeper" is the only word in the English language with three sets of consecutive double letters. You can amaze your children with this information. Or at least amaze your dogs.. 

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  • I would probably call your local chamber of commerce and ask if any of their members run small bookkeeping operations. 

  • Find yourself someone local. All a bookkeeper has to do is enter your information into a program and generate a report you can give to your accountant. It also involves having the bookkeeper go through your receipt envelopes also, entering that information. That's why local. Your accountant can be anywhere as long as they are licensed for the state you are filing in.

    Larry Berman

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