Hello:  I have fairly new here and learning my way around. My daughter and I are new at doing art festivals and need some display ideas.  She is the artist and I manage her online stores and festivals.  I am more of a crafter but right now I am focusing on her shows.  Besides the paintings and prints that we sell at the shows we also sell notecards reproduced from original art.  4 x 5.5" packaged and 5" x 7" single greeting cards. They are at a good price point and sell well.  I would like to know if you can direct me on to some display stands for the notecards.  We are trying to figure out a way to display them properly.

To give you idea of her cards here are a couple pics.  These smaller size are boxed sets of 6 cards and we have about 7 available images in this size.  If not a display rack  -- even some creative ideas on how to display them besides just stacking them on the table which is what we have been doing.

Thanks much.



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  • The simplest way would be to go to clearbags.com and get their self-sticking hangers that you can hang on the back of the boxes. You can use hooks on your display panels to then hang the boxes.

    Clearbags.com has hanging boxes that you might check out as a way to package the cards with a hanging tab built in; http://www.clearbags.com/box/clear/hang. These look more like a way to hold product for dispensing rather than selling box and all.

    They also have hanging bags that are more suited for packaging your cards; http://www.clearbags.com/industry-artphoto#

    If you already have a stock of boxes, these hanging tabs will attach to the boxes for hanging; http://www.clearbags.com/acc/hang-tabs


    • Thanks Robert.  I wish I had seen your post earlier.  I placed an order with Clearbags today and I could have added that to my order.  Their shipping is so expensive.  Maybe I can call them and ask them to add to my order.

      Thanks again.  All suggestions are welcome.

  • I am a bit more of a crafter with my sewing, but you can find interesting metal pieces at pier 1 or tj maxx....think of tired pieces....there are acrylic pieces at office supply stores but a bit cold or cheap compared to a nice metal. Be willing to play with your display, I mix things up a bit and just keep fine tuning!
    • I like this idea - I am very eclectic and do like to mix things up.  I will see what I can come up with.

      Thanks again.  Lisa

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