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It's time to start sending in applications to jury in for spring and summer shows.  This will be my first significant "assault" in quite a few years.  I intend to apply to a number of shows that take place the same time frame and which are difficult to get into. I'm hoping that I get accepted into at least one of them.  Is there a down side to doing this, such as being accepted into several and then turning some down.  Is an artist looked down upon, or penalized in the future for doing this?  Thanks.

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Everyone does it because it's how this business works. Shows understand that we need to fill up our weekends, especially during busy seasons. The only way to do it is to apply to multiple shows the same weekend to make sure we get into at least one.

Larry Berman

I agree with Larry. We all do it. That's how the business runs. There are only so many opportunities to earn a living and it is all a chancy business. Shows hate it, "an application in the hand is an artist in the booth." Just be judicious and polite in your declines. Hope you get all the good ones you are shooting for James.

Thanks to both of you.  That's what I expected, good to get confirmation.


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