I'd appreciate any comments/advice/constructive criticism on my new booth set up and photo.


The first photo is my booth set up for my mosaics only and is the one I've been using for submissions so far this year.


The second photo is my booth set up for mosaics and jewelry.  I've avoided using this one for submissions since there was sun shining into the booth.

Cori Lippert-booth a.jpg

Cori Lippert-booth c.jpg

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  • The mosaic only setup is fine but for the booth photo I would move the chair further into the booth so the sides and seat aren't cut off. Also remove the weights from the shot. As far as the quality of the photograph, it's not bad as a start but needs a little post-processing: the table area is too dark and the entire image is a bit dull and needs more contrast. Both of those are very easy to do. 

  • I'd avoid using a booth picture with two mediums because any decent show you apply to would require you to apply with two applications in those two mediums and be accepted to both.

    As for your mosaic booth, I'd suggest filling the booth with shelf units instead of using a table with table cloth.

    It's best to shoot your booth image on an overcast or cloudy day so you don't have uneven lighting or sun streaks in the booth.

    As for a jewelry booth, I'd look at what other jewelry booths look like for display props. The medium is way too competitive. Think more sophisticated than tables with table cloths.

    Larry Berman

    • Thanks Larry, I really value your advice.  

      I agree, I'd only use the booth photo with both mediums when I will also be showing the jewelry.  I really consider the mosaics my main line of art.  I often do jury in with both mediums, however.  I try to bring the jewelry with me when I'm able to do so, as it is at a lower price point.  I can never forecast what will sell in a show, sometimes it's mainly mosaics, sometimes mainly jewelry.

      I hadn't thought of going with shelving only.  I guess I was building in an area for me to sit and to hide my bins & cash area.  I have to have a place to sit, as I had a knee replacement last June (3 wks before the biggest art fair I've been in so far.)

      Hmmm.  Much to think about. 

      • There are a lot of options, but try and keep it professional looking. 

        You can use fabric that velcros to cover just the bottom shelves for additional inventory.

        You can move the back units out three feet so you have room to sit behind. Back them with white fabric so it keeps the illusion of the inside of the canopy.

        You can get a black ProPanels desk to sit behind. It fold flat for transporting.

        If your work is colorful, keep the color out of the background, like jury images. Black, white or gray for display componants and fabrics. Otherwise you'll fight with the color in the work and water it down.

        Larry Berman

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