• I had an EZ-up for 3 years and it worked marvelously for about 95% of the shows I attended... It is that 5% that had bad weather that will convince you to eventually purchase a well built canopy.

    When you've had your hard work dripping in rain that leaks through the ez-up canvas top or had high wind move your booth several inches in either direction while you watch your art swing from the display you'll ask yourself "is it worth risking months of hard work getting ruined, or will I insure myself against bad weather and purchase a real canopy?" The peace of mind you get makes the purchase worth the money... you're going to buy one eventually anyway...

    I like the Trimline brand the best. It is quite heavy, so it takes some effort to move the parts and set it up. But, once it is up it is very sturdy. And the steel poles are less likely to bend than the aluminum ones other brands use. It's a personal choice. Just remember, once you've pick one and set it up at a fair, weigh it down with weights or strap it down to ground anchors to keep it in place! (Even if the weather doesn't look bad when you first get there... things change!)
  • I would not purchase an EZ-up. They will not stand up to even a light wind, and most importantly, are not water-proof. The company says they are not water-proof. The company is so cheap, they won't even give you a tote bag built large enough to stuff the tent and canapy bag in without tearing the zippers. The EZ up sides don't have enough material to zip without tearing the zippers. I have owned two of them. They lasted two shows each. Frames busted with light winds. They know most people won't return their busted tents even with a warranty due to shipping and restocking fees. Totally disappointed with them. Stay away.

    Go with a premium grade, heavy aluminum frame KN Canopy. Dont' buy the entry level tent.

    They are expensive, about $1200 with a polyester canopy and sides rather than canvas. Canvas leaks.
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