There are several people in this discussion group who are kind enough to regularly use their experience to comment on others' booths. I think it would be helpful if we could see pictures of their booths, whether photographers, painters, jewelry, fabric, etc, so we could get some good ideas and understand what they are talking about.
Any takers?


David Lawrence

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  • This is a booth shot I have used for apps.  I sell travertine coasters and trivets.  To a lesser degree I also sell travertine plaques, hand stamped cards, and a small amount of hand painted glassware.



    • Thanks, Cindy and Larry

    • Too many signs and wrinkles. You shouldn't have any of either. Like I wrote about the Broad Ripple jury, the jurors were instructed to deduct 2 points for having a name in the booth.

      Larry Berman

      • Larry--

        Instructed to deduct 2 points? I don't know how this works. is there a maximum number of points for the booth, and another for each art photo, deductions are made from each and the amount totaled? In a 3 art 1 booth photo submission, does the booth count for 1/4 of the total score and admission chance? Are you talking something like that? I wondered what the relationship between the weight of the booth photo and the art photos was.

        I'm sure you've written about this elsewhere,



        • From the total jury score. The scoring was 1 through 7 and they were told not to use the middle score of 4. Then they were instructed to deduct 2 points if there was a name in the booth.

          Larry Berman

          • I just realized I have my name in my booth.  I need to find a way to "erase" it.  Any suggestions?

            • If you use the clone tool in photoshop, it should be pretty simple to remove just the text from the sign. That's probably your best quick fix until you get a chance to re-shoot; it would be a lot more complex to remove the sign entirely. This should give you an idea as to how those tools work.

              • Thanks.  I'll have to see if the Photoshop version I have will work with this.

  • 301677787?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    Copyright Barrie Lynn Bryant and A.B. Word. It's time for me to make another booth shot, and I might make gallery panels from 4x8 plywood before showing again. We'll just have to see how much time I have this spring. I'm already overloaded with frame making for my wife's work.

    We prove the exception, not the rule. That may be our mantra. We prefer smaller shows to the bigger shows, and shows with award money rather than none. This photo accurately represents how our booth appears at shows, and I made it during a show when the lighting couldn't have been better. I hope to get this lucky again soon.

    I am adamantly opposed to the curatorial premise of a "tight body of work", or having frames all be the same style. Working in that way ruins creativity and the spirit of art.

    I could say more already, but I'd rather answer questions anyone might have firstly.

    • Hi Barrie--

      Thanks for the comments and the pic. It also gives me an idea what that kind of display looks like (dont know what they are called). What is that material behind the display units? The tent walls? Looks good at preventing a blinding backlighting. I know what you mean about the 'curated' look. I'm of the 'tightly cohesive' school, and even a little bit Bauhausey, but it can certainly look kind of sterile at times.

      Thanks again,


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