COA and Buyer Personal Information

Hi everyone! I have two quick questions about selling original artwork.

My first show is this weekend and since I am selling all original work should I offer certificates of authenticity with each piece?

Also I was talking to the local framer who is cutting my mats today and he said I should get the name, address, and phone number of anyone who buys an original. I had already been thinking I should probably do that. Do you guys do that?


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  • Getting the addresses means that you can start putting together a mailing list, so you can notify your customers when you are coming back to a show in their area. Repeat customers are the best!

    I don't give certificates, my signature is on my work. I don't see how another little piece of paper makes it any more real, but that's just my opinion.

    • Thanks for the input! I did get addresses and you're right, repeat customers are what I need. I actually had a lady buy two pieces leave the show then come back and buy a third. So I will definitely be letting her know my show dates next year. :)

      I decided to attach a coa on the back of each framed piece. More for the small copyright notice on the bottom than anything else. Well, that and my signature may be on each piece, but that doesn't mean it is completely legible. With the typed coa there is no doubt what the name and correct spelling of the artist is.

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